How To Give Up 'Stress'

Monday, 17 July 2017

How To Give Up 'Stress'

I've recently been dealing with a lot of stress and it's caused me not to sleep at night, makes me unable to cope in the day with basic business, and is just generally causing me to be unwell which has also lead me to be a bad blogger and not post for a while (also due to having no flipping internet). So today from now, I want to try and give up 'stress' and together I think we can do it, we'll go through the best ways to deal with things and what to do when you are ... 
BREATH ... Take a deep breath in and out, walk away from whatever is stressing you out and just breath deeply and take time to refocus. 

Write a to do list and plan ahead! Keeping a pad and pen next to your bed will help you empty your mind before you sleep too. 

TAKE YOUR TIME, you haven't got to rush!! There's enough hours in the day to do everything you want or need to do. 

Investing in yourself will help you in so many ways, not only will you feel better about yourself but it will help you to feel more accomplished. 

Remember, people will always want to help so if someone can help you tick a few things off your list then let them help!

Do one thing every single day that allows you to refocus, so for me thats having a cup of mint tea in silence. It helps me to refocus and allows me to just think. 

What are you going to do to give up stress? 

Emma x


SC @emmaroserobins

Moving Out | My Packing Tips

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Moving Out | My Packing Tips

As some of you may and may not know I will be moving into my first rented property soon and packing is quite possibly the most stressful thing ever ... So today I wanted to go through all the tips and tricks on what's helped me pack tactfully and keep the place relatively tidy! 

Buying little and often over a few months will save you mega bucks in the long run!

Packing slowly will help you clear out as you go, you have no idea how much of a hoarder you are until you pull everything out. 

Bubble wrap everything, the mugs / in-between the mugs / the plates / the candles ... everything. 

When your moving your TVs' use your duvet! It'll not only be one less thing to carry but also provide better cushioning to your breakables than bubble wrap on it's own. 

Your weekly shopping bags will be a god send for keeping your shoes together and also prevent them getting scuffed in the move.

Bars of soap are your best friend for your pants and socks, cardboard boxes can leave a smell so adding bars of soap to your boxes will help to keep everything smelling fresh. 

Write a list and check it twice, write a list of everything you've got and pack it into your boxes, this means when you unpack you can check it off and shouldn't be missing anything! 

Use your bedding sheets to pack out boxes with breakables, vases/ornaments can be wedged in with pillows and bed sheets to cushion them from vibrations. 

Write on your boxes Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom/Lounge, this means whoever is helping you move can take the boxes into those rooms without you worrying where they've gone. 

What are your top packing tips? 

Emma x


SC @emmaroserobins

A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Letter to My 15 Year Old Self

Dear Emma, 

I know, it's hard. I know it's horrible and you have those thoughts ... continuously but you'll become so much stronger and help so many people by not pursuing them. Your confident underneath all that anxiety and depression, and yes you have anxiety and are depressed it's  just going to take a while for you to get it diagnosed, recognise it and come to terms with it. It will effect so many relationships and will continue too that you can't change, unfortunately, but it will also create so many relationships and help you to see a light in life that you didn't see before. 

You have to stand up for yourself and what you believe, if you don't think somethings right say something, speak up, be confident, be strong, be you. Your going to come across so many people who just don't like you, for no other reason than for just being you and that's okay because there them and your you and you do your on things. Keep your head down in school like you do and don't be too worried about those 'friendships' because you'll realise later on in life that they won't matter because the people who want to be your friend will stick around when you need them most, you'll learn that the hard way. 

Your not going to like mushrooms, cabbage or leek when your older ... no matter what your Dad says, your taste buds will not change and they will still all be rank.

Oh, and those body image concerns? Not being as skinny as everyone else, or as fit as everyone else, or having legs or abs like everyone else .... screw it. Your going to get to a point in your life where your so happy with your body and so confident in it you'll go to the beach one day in the UK no less, have your bikini on and sunbath and not give a damn what ANYONE else thinks .... and it'll feel epic. 

Your going to have a corner of the internet that's going to help you more than you can imagine and it's going to help others more than you could ever realise, your going to have moments when you just want to give up with it .... don't, keep going power through and you'll reap the rewards of what it can do for others. Ignore the haters, ignore the family/friends/work colleagues who disagree with you ... if you believe it's right and the mistake you have to make in order to be happy, make it. You have to make mistakes to learn from them and that's the greatest lesson you'll ever learn. 

And no matter what you think about any other metal in life, white gold is going to be your jam it's just going to take the right person to show you it is. 

You might not realise it or be told but your eyes and your smile are your best assets, look after them. There going to get you places and get you recognised, for all good things trust me! Your legs are long yes but that's what makes your waist look tiny and you'll learn the hard way by looking back at photos that you only really suit body con or close fitting dresses and outfits ... you cannot and i repeat cannot pull off skater of Aline, you look odd. Your beautiful inside and out you might not be told that very often but you are, and your worry will help also help so many people without you realising and sometimes you will realise because they'll find you. 

Remember, chin up, keep your head high and strong, heart full and mind positive, and remember you can change the world you just have to but try. 

Emma x

PS - If you want a tattoo(s) go and get it! Your worry may be a blessing but it can also be a pain in the arse. 

Staying Sun & Fitness Safe This Summer

Monday, 19 June 2017

Staying Sun & Fitness Safe This Summer

With the temperatures rising across England this week and everyone stripping off to make the most of it, I wanted to share the top ways that you can stay safe in the sun and also enjoy it! From sun worshipers to outside fitness fanatics. 

Exercising outside? Wear a hat!! You have no idea how fast you can dehydrate through your scalp.

Drink water, and then drink some more and then drink some more after that. 

Wear a sports suitable suncream, all sun creams nowadays come with sport options that are water and sweat repellent. 

Stay out of the sun between 12pm-3pm, this is when it's at it's hottest peak and can give you heatstroke. 

Keep alternating between the sun and the shade if your out all day, give your skin chance to have a break! 

Drinking drinks that have added electrolytes will really help to ensure that you keep hydrated and aren't dehydrating your body. 

Want to stay protected without having to cover up? Wear light breezy clothing that covers areas like your shoulders, you'll be able to stay cool and still look chic.

Overheating whilst your working out? Opt for clothing that has sweat wicking fabric, this will help to keep your body temperate regular and help to prevent you feeling faint. 

Emma x


SC @emmaroserobins