Dealing with Stress/Anxiety

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

 Dealing with Stress/Anxiety

I've had a few super stressy days recently, which then made me feel anxious and then in turn made me feel really negative about everything. So I did all the things which calm me down and relax me, which made me think about what other people do and how maybe the techniques and things I do may help other people out.

Just Breath
Now I know Yoga or deep breathing exercises aren’t for everyone that’s why my top Yoga moves are short, sweet and easy to do.  I, personally, feel that breathing is just as much an emotion as anything, I mean think about it; When your calm you breath in tune with your heart beat, when your stressed your breathing becomes more fast paced to keep up with your every increasing thoughts and when you’re scared/upset your breathing is erratic and extremely short but fast.
Taking 5 minutes out of your day to just stay still and not think about anything else but your breathing makes a world of difference. My favourite Yoga positions that I do when I’m stressed or just at the end of each day are Upward Facing Dog, Legs to Wall and Downward Facing Dog.

I find doing these poses for 20 seconds a pose and concentrating on my breathing can really calm me down or stop me going into a panic attack or stop me feeling anxious.

Take Yourself Away
The amount of times I have been in an argument with someone and just wanted to scream at the person I’m arguing with, I’ve actually found that just telling them I need 5 minutes to breathe, and going into another room or the bathroom and just sitting quietly and focusing on long deep breaths helps me to put things into perspective and think about what I’m doing and if the argument or the stress is actually worth it.

Exhaust Your Body
I do sometimes feel like the above won’t work no matter how I much I try.  So when I feel like this I usually hit the gym and do some cardio and some boxing or intense weight work to just exhaust my body of the negativity and stress. Then once I’m a sweaty heap on the floor I do the above Yoga positions and breathing to calm my body down and prepare myself to relax. I strongly believe that exercise is the key to being able to cope with stress and anxiety better.

Beating Anxiety
I have suffered with anxiety for over 2 years now due a traumatic and unfortunate event that happened and since then I find myself getting anxious over the most silly of things. For example, I had an anxiety attack when deciding whether to take a new job or not a while back, or just going out for a drink with some friends, or taking a new route to work.  Little things like this affect me massively and although I feel stronger now than what I did 2 years ago I still feel weak in when faced with certain situations.
I have found that instead of thinking about the negative things that could happen and letting flash backs overrule my thought process, thinking about the positives that can happen instead helps me to overcome the anxiety on a huge scale. Or keeping my mind busy by thinking about what I’ll make for dinner that night, or what shall I do at the weekend etc.


Start the Day Right
My number one tip that I believe has actually changed my outlook on things is to repeat ten times to myself the phrase ‘I only work with Positivity’ every day. I then feel like I can take on the day and no matter what happens all I have to say is I only work with Positivity and I can usually find the positive in a bad situation no matter how small the positive thing may be.
“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.” – Dennis P. Kimbro
Emma x
I am not a medical proffesional. All of the above techniques are based on my own personal opinions and experiences. If you feel like you are suffering with Stress or Anxiety please consult your GP.

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