The Important Holiday Essentials

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Important Holiday Essentials

As we are officially in Summer holiday season I’ve started collecting bits and pieces for my holiday. So I thought I'd be a bit like your parent here - These are the things that you might not think of packing or doing and it's the stuff that’s usually the most important.

Got You Covered

Making sure you have travel insurance is number of priorities on my holiday to do list, I hope it never happens to anyone but if you had an accident on holiday (in another country) then the costs can add up significantly! I got mine from Debenhams last year and I think it was something like £6 per person, so it really won’t cost the earth just please make sure you have it!

Passport Safety

I keep my passports and boarding passes (yes I still like to print my boarding passes off) in a zip lock or press stud locked plastic wallet (exact) to ensure that if I had maybe a drink my bag, or some make up and it got broken and went everywhere inside my bag then the passports would be protected from being damaged! It’s also super handy to grab everything in one go when checking in or going onto the plane.


Obvious I know, but having a good UVA/UVB protection product is so vital for not only yourself but for the people with you, especially the kiddies! My Holy Grail sun protection is the UltraSun Sun protection, I like to use the sports version as this is water resistant and just glides on (You can apply this once a day but it is advisable to apply it multiple times to ensure your protected) but they do offer a family sized, sensitive and glowing and shimmer versions also.

I would urge anyone who doesn’t own polarised sunglasses to get some! You can actually do more damage to your eyes by not having the correct eye protection!!! It can be more costly but if you take care of them they are a huge investment, money wise and health wise.
I have the Polarised RayBan Aviator mirrored sunglasses and I actually use them most days not just on holiday, driving, walking the dog, and going to the shop or even just at the park.
(I got mine custom made via an opticians but you can purchase similar ones from RayBan)

Spread Yourself

Don’t keep all of your money in one place, spread it everywhere. I usually have mine divided in my socks, suitcase, handbag, toiletry bag, and all my partners stuff. The most clever thing I have seen this year is to take an empty sun protection bottle (fairly medium/large or you can purchase a premade one), clean it all out and either cut of unscrew the bottom pop your phone or keys, or maybe your bank card or money into it and ta-dah you have an instant discreet travel compartment for home or away! I find this works great at the park too when running around after kids.

Foundation Protection
My everyday foundation has SPF15 in it, so for everyday protection against UVA/UVB rays it works a treat. In the summer months I like to try and use a primer with SPF in it or just put some sun protection on before I do my make up to help protect my skin. I use the Bare Minerals SPF15 Foundation and as it’s a mineral foundation as you sweat the particles are too large in the foundation won’t clog your skin because there too large to be absorbed into the pores!

Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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