My Carry-On Bag

Monday, 27 July 2015

My Carry-On Bag
I am probably the world’s biggest over-packer when it comes to short or long tips away from home and since I’ll be going away for a week for my 21st birthday I will pack every single item I probably don’t need. To make myself cut down and to also show you guys what I take in my carry-on bag, keep on reading. Plus you seem to enjoy these sorts of posts, so let me know if you want to see more!
My carry-on bag is a large tote/shopper bag from H&M in mock brown leather, it was something like £7.99 so I don’t mind if it gets scuffed or dirty because I didn’t spend enormous amounts on it, and usually when walking around airports or on the plane your bag will be brushing against and pushed up against everything and everyone. The bag has an imprinted arrow design on the front to give it a little something extra and 2 large over the shoulder handles, a small zipper pocket on the inside and 2 smaller pockets on the opposite side. So first things first, passport and travel documents always go in first and always get continuously checked throughout the packing process.

My travel purse this year is a small purse from Primark for something like £4 with card holders either side, plus space for notes and a zipped coin area in the middle. I think this is a great size for travelling as it’s big  enough to fit everything in but compact enough not to take up as much space as my large Ted Baker purse.

Toiletry/Make up wise I always like to make sure I have travel wipes with me, suitable for hands, face and body, as you never know when you may need something moist and disinfecting (especially on a plane), for example, last year we went to Greece and went horse riding down the beach, I completely forgot how dirty you get riding, so when I came off the horse my hands where as black as the night sky and these hand wipes came as a god send to not only clean the dirt off my hands but also to make sure no nasty bacteria  from the horse where going to stay on me. I also like to make sure I have a super hydrating lip balm, so I usually take my Burts Bees balm.

Depending on how well I can pack my suitcase I either put my make-up bag into my suitcase or into my carry-on bag, I always put socks or underwear into it to stop everything from flying around and getting damaged (I will do a holiday make up post very soon!) Now, what actually goes on my face to travel in is completely minimal, I’ll either opt for a very sheer layer of the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue or a super light dusting of the Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation and some MaxFactor Clump Defy mascara. That’s it.

Electrical wise, I like to take my original tine tiny iPod shuffle purely because it takes up no space what so ever and I can listen to music without draining my phone’s battery. I also take my smaller blogging camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ8EB-K Compact just so I know it’s safe and I know it won’t get broken. Naturally my phone will be accompanying me, I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 and this little nifty thing is a portable phone charger! You just plug it into the normal charging port in your phone and away you go!! A life saviour if you’re on a plane. (All my wires and adapters and travel plugs go into my suitcase wedged in the middle).

I like to bring a large hoodie/jumper/sweater/ blanket type thing and fluffy socks on the plane, due to my Iron Deficiency Anaemia I can get very cold very fast and find that on a plane I’m freezing, so fluffy socks and another large layer I can use a blanket are my essentials (even though I steal my partners hoodie too). My current favourite hoodie is from H&M and it's this super light pink/muave colour and it's a light knit, so weird but so comfy!

I’ll admit it, I’m a sleeper, I really struggle to stay awake on planes and I have no idea why but I just do, so a neck pillow to stop my neck/back from hurting are a massive bonus and you can get these super cheap too! I got mine from my local pound shop, may not be the greatest of quality but it works and can be squished down into your hand luggage easily.

Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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