Alpha H Triple Action Cleanser

Monday, 7 September 2015

Alpha H Triple Action Cleanser
My skin has been the most problematic, temperamental; spot causing nuisance these past couple of months, and honestly it has been driving me to destruction. For some reason it has been almost like acne with it’s consistency and amount, and has been really knocking my confidence, so I thought it’s time to take action against it and banish this problem for good, or at least until I found out what was causing it.

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to the Alpha-H Supersize Triple Action Cleanser, the skin sorting revolution product of 2015. I address this to both women and men because this will transform your skin for the better, plus it’s in unisex packaging so no one will be able to tell! I use one pump of this gel like cleanser as a second cleanse in my evening make up removing routine, you are recommended to use 2 pumps but for my skin this is too much for my skin to cope with.
This cleanser is a three-in-one wonder; it will wash away any excess oil without drying out your skin and tricking it into producing more oil, remove face and/or eye make-up incredibly well, and help to balance your skin’s natural pH level.  It rids your pores of any impurities and helps to reveal a fresh but dewy complexion thanks to the Alpha-H mystic ingredients.

I have been suffering recently very badly with spots around my jawline/mouth and forehead and it had got to the point where none of my normal solutions where working, at all. So when I saw this on QVC and saw the amazing reviews I thought why not, nothing could have made the situation worse than it was. This gel like product is super cooling and refreshing on the skin and can be used to remove even the most stubborn of eye makeup, but if you’re like me and have incredibly sensitive skin around the eyes then I don’t suggest you use it around your eye area. Using it religiously every evening as my second cleanse I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin in weeks, not months!!! My spots are barely there anymore, if they do come up they are nowhere near as angry or severe and my under the skin bumpy spots are near enough non-existent and as the formulation is incredibly gentle it doesn’t dry my skin out. If you’re a teenager suffering with acne, or like myself in your 20’s, or even in your 50’s then this WILL work for you, or anyone you recommend it too.

Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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