My Make Up Brush Collection

Monday, 21 September 2015

My Make Up Brush Collection
Okay so I think I am starting to become a bit of a make-up brush collector, well it's better than being an actual make-up collector and not using half the products at least I use the brushes everyday…sort of. I thought I’d give you an insight into my favourite daily make-up brushes, my trusty old faithful’s, the squad that never let me down and are always there to fix that contour or blend that blusher to perfection.

First I think we’ll start with the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit, the best starter kit/all over face/golden oldie kit you’ll ever find. Any Bloggers you read about or any You Tubers you watch or even your best friend’s brother’s girlfriend will have these brushes, there that good. They don’t loose their shape, they stay soft but firm and they wash brilliantly, yes I am sad like that and will determine whether I like a brush on how well you can wash out product from it, hello germ freak over here. In the Core Collection you have;

The Buffing Brush – Mainly used for any type of creams/powders or mineral foundation, or even to apply bronzer, blusher and highlighter this is such a multi-purpose brush. I tend to use mine to bronze my skin up with as it’s big enough to not deposit tones of product in one area but small enough to buff it around the face.

The Pointed Foundation Brush – Mainly used for liquid foundation or concealer. I personally cannot use this brush for liquid foundation I find it far too small to spread the product or blend it but it is brilliant for under the eye liquid concealer or powered concealer if you’re packing it on. It does work best in tapping motions opposed to sweeping motions, as I find it can get a bit streaky otherwise but it does apply and distribute the product nicely.

The Detailer Brush – Mainly used for under the eye concealer or applying lipstick. Honestly, I don’t really use this as much as I should unless I’m wearing a bright or dark lip and don’t have a lip liner, then this brush is great for detailing/outlining your lips for a crisp clean perimeter.

The Contour Brush – Mainly used for contouring the cheekbones or eyelid crease area, and for highlighting. I tend to only use mine to buff out liquid highlighter or if I’m using just bronzer to create a contour on my cheekbones, or nose as it’s small enough to not get it all over my face.

Next up we have my all-time favourites from Real Techniques, this is there Sculpting Set. These are my every single day brushes without fail, there just so perfect and do exactly what they say on the tin so you know you’re getting quality and a product that will work. In the Sculpting Set we have;

The Sculpting Brush – Mainly used for contouring the high points of the face. I use this brush every single day whether it be rain or shine, it just moulds to the face so fluidly when used and is versatile enough to be used with either cream, liquid or powders. I like to take mine with quite a bit of product on it pat it onto my cheekbones or temples and then gently buff and pat repeatedly to create a diffused but strong contour.

The Fan Brush – Mainly used to softly sweep on powders or remove excess makeup. I don’t really know how you ‘remove excess makeup’ with this brush unless your baking your powders, but none the less I use mine with my powder highlighters on the tops of my cheekbones, under my contour, on my brow bone and around the top of my forehead/eyebrows to emphasize my features and this brush is just wow, it applies the highlighter exactly where I want it with precision application and with no fall out so you don’t get a shimmery face all over.

The Setting Brush – Used to set make up in place with light amounts of powders. Want that concealer that you’ve worked so hard on to stay in place without creasing? May I introduce you to this little baby! The dome shape of this brush makes it the perfect size to get right under the under eye area without messing up any of your other make-up, this brush is part of my routine and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good under eye setting brush.

Next up we have the Bare Minerals brushes these brushes are THE most long lasting brushes I have ever used, I’m still using the same Flawless Face Brush that I was using when I was 16, 5 years later and I’m only just considering changing it up. I love how soft and supple these brushes are, they still maintain their shape even when you’ve manipulated them and washed them and had them stood on when your forced to do your make up on the floor, thanks for that one babe. So without further ado these are my favourite Bare Minerals Brushes; 

Flawless Face Brush – Mainly used for buffing in powders. For light to medium coverage this brush is your guy, it has super soft bristles and I use mine for my foundation, mineral veil and sometimes translucent powder if I can’t be bothered to use multiple brushes or am in a rush, or even if I want to use different brushes but I’m away and I’ve forgot them, this has happened on many an occasion. 

Maximum Coverage Concealer – Mainly used to blend in powder concealers. I absolutely hail this brush for it’s coverage and bendability, used with powder concealers you can really pack a product on with this brush and not worry about having any fall out or wasting any of it. Plus the tips of the bristles are super soft so you don’t get any scratching off the brush.  

Handy Buki Brush -  Mainly used for precise application. I love using this brush for my liquid foundations, it blends it out so smoothly and doesn't keep the foundation on the brush. It's very dense and there isn't that much movement in the brush but it is brilliant for buffing out for a flawless airbrushed look. 

I’m currently in the process of updating my eyeshadow brushes, so I will do a post dedicated to them when I’m happy with my collection to share with you beautiful people.

Emma x
I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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