ASDA Flat Knee High Boots

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

ASDA Flat Knee High Boots

DUPE ALERT! First things first, these boots are a dupe for the River Island Zip Side Knee High Flat Boots, I got both pairs of these boots for £40.00 instead of £65.00 for one pair....just saying. I wasn't actually looking for any particular style of boot when looking for some new boots but when stumbling across these I knew they had to be the ones'. Like they say, when the shoe fits buy it in every colour, literally. 

I got these boots in Black and Chocolate, both in Size 6 and they fit like an absoloute dream! Imagine the most tailored fit boots you own and double the comfort, that summarises these boots. You can pair these boots with anything, from skinny jeans to dresses to skirts they make any outfit so smart. The front is a faux suede design and the back of the boot has an elasticated back to add extra comfort and also adds more of a fitted look to the leg.

The brown pair are a super rich deep chocolate brown, with gold zip detailing on the outerside of the boot and a simple discreet brown zip on the inner leg of the boot so you can zip up the boot up with ease without having to faff with the outer zip.  Whilst the black are super black which in some boots you can find that there more a grey/black but these are as black as ink, which is beautiful! The Black features silver detailing on the outside and black on the inside to give the illusion of a more streamline look. Both pairs have a small block heel to add a bit of height, and considering I have flat feet I always try to go for boots with a good sole. These boots are so perfect for Autumn/Winter/Spring and I have been living in them recently!! So if your after the most perfect pair of boots without compromising on quality or price, look no further. 

Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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