Girls Guide to Buying A New Car

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Girls Guide to Buying A New Car

So I picked up my first ever brand spanking new car from the showroom on 23rd January, I got the KIA CEE'd Special Edition SR7 in Track Red and because I got a new car, I went to Twitter and asked you guys if you wanted to see a 'Girls Guide' to buying a new car because lets be real, the car world is a man's world and I want to change that! GIRL POWER!!

This is not a bragging post, nor am I endorsed by KIA to bring you this post. This is based on my experience of buying a car from the dealership and the tips/tricks that worked for me. This post does not reflect KIA's service nor am I suggesting you buy a KIA. 

1. Look through all the cars you like and test drive them ALL, you'll honestly get the best feel for the car that way and you can feel if the car feels right for you. Plus it's so much fun!

2. Don't be disheartened by the waffle they try to sell you, I honestly had no clue what half of the things I got told meant but I kept confident and used my fail safe 'and what will that mean in context of the car'

3. STRUT YOUR STUFF go into that dealership strong, sassy and confident! If you start off strong and tell them exactly what you want exactly how you want it, it shows them you mean business and won't take no for an answer.

4. Do not take no for an answer! You want that car at a certain price, you demand that car at a certain price. These dealerships can knock off around £900, give or take per dealership, so they can offer you an amazing deal just don't back down!

5. Don't take the first offer they give you, make them sweat...walk away and tell them you'll consider the deal and you'll get back to them. Then go back lets say late afternoon the next day and say that you'll have that car but negotiations need to be made first. 

6. Make sure you have a good play with the car before you make any decisions, play with the doors, press buttons, get in awkward positions, turn lights on and off, make sure the car will fit your lifestyle. Whether your a shopaholic like me and need enough boot space to put all your bags in, or want enough leg room for those killer heals.

7. If you can don't take your partner with you, or your Mum and Dad together, play the simple card and say that you need to talk the offer over with your family because it's a big purchase and you might some back but that other dealership did seem  like they could get you a better offer. Don't let them talk you into buying it there and then!!!!!!

8. If you feel like there messing you around use Twitter! You have no idea how quickly the issue your having will be sorted, the headquarters will be straight on the phone to the dealership because social media complaints is the quickest way for the complaint to spread and they cannot afford to have that. 

9. Don't let anyone influence your decision, if your partner says oh you need this because it'll make the car faster or it'll make the car do this, no. If you like the car how it is, in the spec that's in ... stick with it! You'll be paying tones more for features you probably won't even use. 

10. If you don't feel comfterable with the dealership or your sales advisor, change them! Don't accept anything less than perfection, buying a car shouldn't stress you out it should be fun and a really amazing experience. Just enjoy being able to have an excuse to be super demanding ;)

Emma x

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  1. I love your tip about making sure there is enough leg room for your heels. When I went car shopping, I had a hard time hiding my excitement when I found a car that I really liked. I had to practice keeping a neutral expression on my face, otherwise, it was difficult to negotiate a lower price.