What's In My Bag?

Monday, 18 January 2016

What's In My Bag?

Normally I try to coordinate my bag to my outfit or shoes, sad I know, but oddly I really enjoy it; Today I’m using my black Kate Spade Felix bag with long strap, as I’m in a fling it on my shoulder mood. I’ve done a full review of this bag which you can find here, it’s just such a good quality handbag staple.

Now, I’m super weird with my money and cards and I don’t really like to keep them together purely because if they were to be taken *touch wood*, then I want to know my more personal debit/credit cards are hidden away in the inside pocket of my bag.  So I have my black leather Ted Baker purse and my Oliver Bonas grey and mint card holder, to keep my entire very personal details/receipts/cards etc safe in my bag.

I also keep a little make up/necessities bag that I can just take out and put into other bags, knowing I have everything I need. This little bag was a present for my 18th birthday off my Mum and Dad so it could probably do with updating soon, post to come on that one, inside I have some Bare Minerals lip gloss – standard, some paracetamol, some wet wipes – because when you have your partner’s 7 year old sister, 6 year old nephew and 3 year old nephew, they tend to be messy, lip balm to try and help stop my lips being even more chapped, face powder, a parker pen, and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

Naturally I have my umbrella by tote for those dashing to the shops days, and my Rayban polarised Aviator sunglasses – these are customised, for when I nearly get blinded in the car by the sunshine when it decides to make an appearance, some impulse body spray as at the moment I’m preferring body spray to take out with me opposed to perfume.  

I never go anywhere without my car keys and to help me find them with a bit more ease, as I’m prone to losing them in my bag/the house/work, I have a New Look grey pomp om keyring which makes them super cute but easily findable! Plus a cute little Cath Kidston love heart keyring, my Tesco clubcard and an O’Neil pink wrist band that comes in so useful.

And of course I would be lost without my house keys which feature an old Butler and Wilson bear, a 21 keyring, my Tesco clubcard, trolley pound and a beaded keychain that my partners 7 year old sister made me when she was 5/6.
Emma x 

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