How to Wake Up

Sunday, 28 February 2016

How to Wake Up

I know what you’re thinking, oh my god she’s lost the plot she’s actually gone mad, she’s telling us how to wake up … crazy woman – well it’s debatable. What I mean by how to wake up is how to improve your body for the optimal start to the day, how to change your body into performing healthier behaviours and kick start the day with a bang.
Today I’m going to give you my top tips on how to get THE best start to your day from the beautiful Crabwell Manor and Spa in Chester.

Try to leave your curtains/blinds open just a smidgeon more than you normally would, let that stunning natural light caress your skin and bring you into a natural awakening – Trust me, you’ll feel ten times better for it.


Stretch; stretch those dainty little fingers right to the top of the bed and all the way down to your tippy toes. Stretching will help to naturally awaken the body and release any tensions that may have built up in your muscles during the night.


Grab a mug, and drink a big cup of water – it’ll be an amazing start for your whole body!!
And, if you want even more benefits try doing hot water with Honey and Lemon…You’ll be astounded at the results in your skin/body/digestive system after a couple of weeks.


Put the phone down and shuffle away – Imagine your phone is non-existent, well for the first 5 minutes of waking up at least. Let your whole body wake up to it’s natural surroundings and appreciate itself, before plummeting it into the world of technologies - It deserves a break.


Get back to that bed, don’t walk away and leave it scrawled everywhere! Making your bed in the morning has proven to help relax the mind and reduce stress. It’s a simple thing we can all do to make our minds a more tranquil place.
How do you wake up in the morning? Have you got any quirky things you do?
Emma x

Deliciously Ella Energy Bites

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Deliciously Ella Energy Bites  

So, I recently tried out the Deliciously Ella Energy Bites and oh my word, my world is forever changed!! These take like 15 minutes MAX, are completely vegan and taste incredible! Plus you need the fewest amounts of ingredients in the entire world!

These are the most delicious Energy Bites you’ll ever try they contain; Almonds, Coacoa powder, Almond butter, Coconut oil and Medjoul Dates …. And that’s it! No artificial colourings/preservatives/additives, nada! So there amazing for you and also a great sweet healthy alternative for kids too.

Let’s begin shall we? First things first, measuring! You will need; 

2 Cups of Almonds    2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil    2 ½ Tbsp Almond Butter 

2 Cups of Medjoul Dates (Pitted)      4 Tbsp of Coacoa powder  
Next, whack all of those lovely crunchy Almonds into a food processor and blend them all up until you reach the consistency you prefer - I like a smoother consistency. Then throw in your Coconut Oil, Almond Butter, Medjoul Dates and Coacoa Powder and blend them all together until you get this weird sticky evenness in the mix.

Once stickily combined, take small chunks and roll them into little balls of goodness and keep going until you have no mixture left. Then pop them into the fridge for an hour or two and woh-la, you have the perfect vegan energy bites.

This recipe was found through Deliciously Ellas’YouTube channel.

For further queries regarding the recipe or to get in contact with Ella, please see her website linked below.

Emma x

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette - Nude Bronze

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette - Nude Bronze

As some of you may know I'm trying to act and dress more my age, the dressing part is going well but the acting bit ... er not so much. As part of my looking my age and putting more effort into my appearance I've wanted to venture out of my comfort zone with eye colours and try out some new eyeshadows without spending a bomb. 

This is the Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze, this has a complete spectrum of bronzed hues. All the shadows are super creamy and easy to blend out and build up, plus they've all got a lovely super finely milled shimmer to them. This palette will allow you to create sculpted warm toned eye looks that are wearable for the day time, but with a bit more product and blending are super night time appropriate too! The Collection palettes do make me think of the Urban Decay Naked pallets, and are very reminiscent in colourings too!

 From Left to Right we have Ivory, Mink, Ochre, Golden Brown, Ember and Nutty – All of these shades are fantastically wearable and really compliment a blue eye colour, personal experience! As you can see from the swatches below the pigmentation of these shadows is immense for such a cheap product and are all extraordinarily complimentary of each other. I’m not a huge massive fan of the packaging only because I fear that if I go travelling it may get damaged easily, which would put the shadows in jeopardy of being so beautifully put together.

Ivory – Your basic white/bone shimmery highlighting colour.

Mink – A soft bronze colour.

Ochre – Your super golden mega shimmery brown hued colour.

Golden Brown – A deep chocolate colouring with a glimmer of golden shimmer.

Ember – Your beautifully warm toned mauve colour with a speckling of pink/purple to add depth and dimension.

Nutty – A classic warm toned deep brown/muddy colour with a tiny bit of shimmer to add to the colour.

Have you tried out this pallette? What did you think of it?
Emma x

Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner

I’m a complete newbie to this liquid liner cat flicking business and so as a newbie I wasn’t going to spend £10-odd on something I might not even get on with, or even be able to do without nearly poking my eye out but this stuff is amazing for the money!

According to the site this Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner, in Black, has been a hero product for 25 years and is one of their oldest yet most talked about product - I can see why!! This eyeliner will not budge … for no one (except a makeup wipe to tidy the edges), it’s lasted me in the sun, the wind, the rain, about every weather condition going and not smudged or dragged, nothing and when they say waterproof, they mean waterproof.

I’ve been using this eyeliner too line my upper lash line with and gently take it across the outer corners, to create a subtle but defined flick and I’ve only really been trying this out because I want to update my look and make myself look a bit more put together (you know, actually look 21 not 12).
The applicator has a long screw top lid and a fine almost paint brush-esk nib at the end, firm enough to retain it’s shape but soft enough to not drag on your eyelid. The actual liquid is retained in the small blue pot that the lid attaches too and doesn’t create any clumping or damage the brush. The eyeliner is super pigmented, so I find applying one thin line is enough as it’s so pigmented, apart from the wing which takes much much more application for me. As this stuff doesn’t budge once applied, I like to try my hardest to apply it as winged as possible and then use a makeup wipe to make it look flawless, and basically lie to myself that I can do winged liner.

Have you tried this cult product? Can you do winged liner? – What are your secrets! Teach me!!
Emma x

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Monday, 15 February 2016

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

I have possibly the biggest, darkest, meanest dark circles going…you can even see them through make up, and to be honest I don’t know why because I go to sleep at like 9pm (#Granny). So when it comes to concealing and setting the under eye area, I don’t want to be cakey and crease up like a pug’s face. So believe me on this product, the hype is real.
I’ve discovered this wonder product – Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, from Space NK, and I can see why it’s always sold out, it’s bloody brilliant!! It’s that finely milled it won’t settle into fine lines or pores and won’t accentuate any wrinkles, or happy lines as I like to call them. The powder has micronized pigments to reduce the appearance of shadows and help to create the illusion of naturally perfect skin.

This ingenious product makes my under eye area absolutely flawless, like unbelievably flawless, and makes your skin have a radiant glow without looking overdone or cakey. I do warn though a tiny amount of this goes a hell of a long way, as the powder is so concentrated and such good quality an miniscule amount of this will cover the entire area and be more than enough coverage. This powder will make you look more awake and help to set/conceal any discolouration under the eyes, plus it lasts literally all day. I’ve even worn this straight after at work at the gym and it’s still clinging on after a super sweaty session.

Emma x

Healthy Lifestyle – Are You Staying on Track?

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Healthy Lifestyle – Are You Staying on Track?

We’re officially in February, which means were already 2 months into 2016 … WHERE IS THE YEAR GOING?! Please can someone make it slow down just a tad!! Since the New Year the gyms have got quieter, the health food store ques are becoming smaller and your local supermarket isn’t running out of fruit and veg so fast, which means some of us, (most of us) have started to give up on our healthy lifestyle!

I think a healthy lifestyle should be a lifetime thing, not just for summer or for your resolutions but for your life, your given one body – look after it. So, by now I bet your all working on your summer bikini bodies (I know I am!) This year we’re taking my partners’ 7 year old sister with us so I need to be super fit, for all the running around after her!! But I’m also trying to maintain my physique and continuously improve it, for myself and my own body’s health.

I’m trying to maintain a healthy active lifestyle by attending the gym 3-4 times a week incorporating 15-20 minutes of cardio each visit and either weight training and/or balance/training, to help strengthen my body, plus an hour session of Pilates each week. On the days that I don’t train at the gym or attend Pilates I cycle, not outdoors on a 15 mile route (I’m not brave enough) but simply indoors. I have this tiny contraption from Amazon that holds the back of your bike in place but allows you to cycle without any electricity!! So let’s run through my top personal tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle;



Natural sunlight is a great way to boost your body's vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps ensure that bones are formed properly and can also help ward off depression. Try to soak up 15-20 minutes of sunlight daily to help boost it! This could be a 15-20 minute walk in the sun, simply sitting in it, or even just doing some gardening or washing the car!


Make green, leafy vegetables a staple in your diet. Three leafy greens that you can't get enough of are kale, spinach, and broccoli. They're loaded with antioxidants, fiber and the vitamins K, C, and A. (Kale contain more iron than beef) These power veggies will do wonders for your body and really help to boost your immune system too!


There’s a golden rule to learn about a healthy lifestyle, nothing is set in stone. What might work for one person could be awful for another, so learn your body and adjust it from there. You might discover having a heavy fruit diet opposed to a heavy vegetable diet isn’t working for your body type, but it’s working for your friend. Adaptation is progress!


No, I am not saying go buy a colossal bar and eat the whole thing (although it is tempting) but dark chocolate that is at least 60%-70% cocoa has high flavonoid concentrations, which is good for your body and can curb sugar cravings! When I want to eat a whole Kit Kat chunky I simply have 1-2 pieces of good quality dark chocolate and I’m happy.


I ramble on enough about water and it’s benefits, so just make sure you drink more of it! Your brain is 80% water so just think about how much you’re dehydrating it by not drinking enough!! Water is also great at flushing out all the nastiness in your body, so you’re basically going to get a continuous detox for free! If you really want to go a bit further add some Lemon, they have remarkable antioxidants.


Obvious one but by staying active I do mean, move yo’body! Make sure you do at least 20 minutes of physical activity whether that’s going for a walk or jog, taking the kids to the park, playing with the dog, or doing some HIIT training do something to get your heart rate up, this daily physical movement will honestly benefit your lungs/heart in the long run.


We all are guilty of not taking enough time out for ourselves and being selfish to our bodies, so taking some time out whether that is 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or even an hour, just sit back relax and think about you. You could spend this time this time doing some yoga, sipping a cup of tea, sitting back and just closing your eyes. Or, alternatively,  I like to take my ‘me’ time in the sauna after a workout at the gym, it helps to relax my body, aid the workout recovery and it gives me 15 minutes 3-4 times a week where I can just think about how I want to improve my workouts and thinking positive.

 Emma x

What are your top workout tips? How do you stay on track?

Benefit GimmeBrow

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Benefit GimmeBrow
I’ve never tried eyebrow gel before, in any shape or form I stick to what I know and use a pencil to shape and fill in my brows – to the best of my ability, but with my unruly brows being as mindful as they are they don’t tend to stay in place … ever, so I had a ‘why the hell not’ moment and splashed out on the Benefit brow gel.
The Benefit Gimme Brow is not what I expected, size wise or product wise, I was expecting a brush the size of mascara and the same consistency or a felt tip nib. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by a tinie tiny comb like brush and slightly un-pleasantly surprised by the size…it looks like a miniature not a full size product, already I was sceptical so the only way to find out if it was any good was to try it.

The proof is in the pudding, as my Mum would say and my goodness was there some proof here, my brows look fab! This gel, stuff, has brush on fibres that adhere to the skin and hair when applied, so they create eyebrows if there really sparse or create the illusion of fuller, thicker brows if you’ve already got a little something there. There’s no clumping, the brush doesn’t apply too much product to one area and it’s so easily blended out even if you do but I do love using the end of the brush to shape mine into place.
This brow gel is even water resistant…rainy days? Bring it on! I opted for Medium/Dark which is a more true brown with a slight hint of black, (don’t worry it works in your favour), whereas the Light/Medium is a much lighter colouring with a tiny hint of brown to be able to add the depth required. Although this product is pretty pricey for the size, I do love it and can justify spending that much on my brows – I mean come on, we all want brows like the YouTubers and make up artists on Instagram.

Have you tried Gimme Brow? What are your thoughts?

Emma x

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation - N40

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation - N40
So this is my first fancy pancy foundation and what better way to start than with Chanel, the leading lady of the makeup world. I was planning on getting a high end fancy foundation for some time and when I saw the release for the new Chanel one I thought what better one to try out!

This is the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, in N40, and is a liquid foundation. Firstly let me just say how aesthetically pleasing the bottle is, it has a push on snap close lid and a slightly frosted glass bottle design which is so chic! Plus it has a pump applicator so you won’t have too faff with trying to pour out the exact amount. You will honestly need about half a pump of this foundation to cover your entire face, a little goes a seriously long way (Plus it smells really nice!)

This is meant to be an invisible foundation that portrays a healthy naturally radiant glow, almost as if you’ve been outside in the sunshine for the day without the harmful effects of UV rays. It protects the skin from harsh environmental conditions and has SPF25!!!! This foundation is available in compact form but personally I wanted a liquid foundation, so I have the 30ml bottle (perfect for travelling).  This  range is aimed to be an easy-to-wear foundation that gives each and every skin tone radiance and a glow from within, whilst adapting to the face and allowing the skin to breathe. 

This foundation does initially apply sheer but it is buildable, it evens out the complexion and helps to balance the skin tone. I have dry skin at the moment and this doesn’t faze it at all, it doesn’t cling, it doesn’t go cakey and it blends so easily with your fingers, a beauty blender or a brush, you can almost guarantee a perfected finish. The formula has been enriched with Kalanchoe extract and UV Filters and combined they will help to protect your skin from environmental damage and UV rays, whilst strengthening the skin. Plus the added addition of Hyaluronic Acid derivative means that the texture of the foundation, will provide you with instant hydration and comfort, for that ultimate no foundation foundation.

Have you tried the new Chanel Les Beiges foundation? What are your thoughts? 

Emma x

Clinique Chubby Stick - Curvy Contour

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Clinique Chubby Stick - Curvy Contour
WHY did no one tell me about this before? It’s basically adult colouring in for your face! AMAZING!! As you can probably tell I’ve discovered something new and mind blowing, and I’m not too sure why it’s taken me this long to find it!! Chubby Sticks….wow, just stupidly simply wow, it’s worrying how intrigued and amazed I am by this little product of creaminess. 

This, if you hadn’t guessed already, is the Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Contour. Now, this isn’t a super new product or the latest beauty craze but simply something that I thought I’d finally give it a go and I am so so glad I did. If you’re looking for a good quality, incredibly pigmented and not stupidly expensive cream contour product … this IS your guy!

You can only describe this product as the most ergonomically designed make up product ever, it’s basically reflective of those jumbo wax Crayola crayons you used to have as a child. That you literally just draw onto your face with, so for me that’s check bones – que fish face – nose, temples and slightly on the jaw line, then you just blend blend blend. I love setting this with some bronzer but even without setting this, it will honestly last you the whole day and even into the evening, unless you’re like and like an even stronger contour for the evening then you can easily build this up. This Chubby Stick is a twist up applicator with a creamy consistency that sashays onto the skin, you simply carve out the areas you want too contour/bronze and away you go, its literally that simple.

Contouring isn’t for everyone but with the pigmentation and creaminess of this product you can bronze up your skin, or simply add a shimmer of colour just by using a softer hand to apply. This chubby stick is oil free too so it’s not going to slip and slide around your face once you’ve applied it, bonus for those of us who struggle with this!
Emma x