Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner

I’m a complete newbie to this liquid liner cat flicking business and so as a newbie I wasn’t going to spend £10-odd on something I might not even get on with, or even be able to do without nearly poking my eye out but this stuff is amazing for the money!

According to the site this Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner, in Black, has been a hero product for 25 years and is one of their oldest yet most talked about product - I can see why!! This eyeliner will not budge … for no one (except a makeup wipe to tidy the edges), it’s lasted me in the sun, the wind, the rain, about every weather condition going and not smudged or dragged, nothing and when they say waterproof, they mean waterproof.

I’ve been using this eyeliner too line my upper lash line with and gently take it across the outer corners, to create a subtle but defined flick and I’ve only really been trying this out because I want to update my look and make myself look a bit more put together (you know, actually look 21 not 12).
The applicator has a long screw top lid and a fine almost paint brush-esk nib at the end, firm enough to retain it’s shape but soft enough to not drag on your eyelid. The actual liquid is retained in the small blue pot that the lid attaches too and doesn’t create any clumping or damage the brush. The eyeliner is super pigmented, so I find applying one thin line is enough as it’s so pigmented, apart from the wing which takes much much more application for me. As this stuff doesn’t budge once applied, I like to try my hardest to apply it as winged as possible and then use a makeup wipe to make it look flawless, and basically lie to myself that I can do winged liner.

Have you tried this cult product? Can you do winged liner? – What are your secrets! Teach me!!
Emma x

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