How to Wake Up

Sunday, 28 February 2016

How to Wake Up

I know what you’re thinking, oh my god she’s lost the plot she’s actually gone mad, she’s telling us how to wake up … crazy woman – well it’s debatable. What I mean by how to wake up is how to improve your body for the optimal start to the day, how to change your body into performing healthier behaviours and kick start the day with a bang.
Today I’m going to give you my top tips on how to get THE best start to your day from the beautiful Crabwell Manor and Spa in Chester.

Try to leave your curtains/blinds open just a smidgeon more than you normally would, let that stunning natural light caress your skin and bring you into a natural awakening – Trust me, you’ll feel ten times better for it.


Stretch; stretch those dainty little fingers right to the top of the bed and all the way down to your tippy toes. Stretching will help to naturally awaken the body and release any tensions that may have built up in your muscles during the night.


Grab a mug, and drink a big cup of water – it’ll be an amazing start for your whole body!!
And, if you want even more benefits try doing hot water with Honey and Lemon…You’ll be astounded at the results in your skin/body/digestive system after a couple of weeks.


Put the phone down and shuffle away – Imagine your phone is non-existent, well for the first 5 minutes of waking up at least. Let your whole body wake up to it’s natural surroundings and appreciate itself, before plummeting it into the world of technologies - It deserves a break.


Get back to that bed, don’t walk away and leave it scrawled everywhere! Making your bed in the morning has proven to help relax the mind and reduce stress. It’s a simple thing we can all do to make our minds a more tranquil place.
How do you wake up in the morning? Have you got any quirky things you do?
Emma x

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