Grounded Coffee Scrub - Chocolate Orange

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Grounded Coffee Scrub - Chocolate Orange
New found body loving? Hell'a'yes! This is my newest discovery, the Grounded Coffee bodyscrub in Chocolate Orange, yes you did read correctly … CHOCOLATE ORANGE – mind blown. This little bag of sweet smelling loveliness has transformed my body care and I am head over heels in love with it.
This is probably THE messiest body care you’ll ever use but definitely THE most fun, ever. The Grounded Coffee body scrub has what the name suggests, coffee, chocolate and orange but with the most refined ingredients going – for example, this coffee isn’t just any old coffee it’s ground Robusta Coffee beans so it’s rougher than your average scrub but packs enough caffeine to give your skin a wowza moment. The chocolate orange elements are sweet orange oil and Cacao, super natural, good for you kind of ingredients! Along with brown sugar and himilayan rock salt, these main ingredients are what leave your skin mind blazingly soft.

I use this scrub a good few times a week and have never seen such a change in my skins texture! I tend to use this scrub in the shower, so I make my skin wet/damp (rinse with the shower kind of damp), take some handfuls of the scrub and pack it on all over; legs, arms, back, feet, neck, face, stomach, cellulite areas…EVERYWHERE, I then kind of perch on the edge of the bath binging on YouTube videos until the 10 minutes or so is up, and then rinse it all of gently in the shower. Your skin will then reveal it’s true self, beautifully soft and silky.

The smell is not what you would expect, in a good way. In the packet it smells basically like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, and once applied still has the amazing aroma but once rinsed off it leaves this lingering subtle loveliness on the skin.

Not only is this scrub infused with sweet orange oil and Cacao, it’s filled with vitamins and minerals that will help to buff away dead/flakey skin, whilst the Vitamin E oil and cold pressed Almond Oil will help to keep your skin feeling amazing.
Have you tried the Grounded Coffee Scrub? What do you think of this unique body loving scrub?
Emma x

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