Looking After Your Skin with IMEDEEN

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Looking After Your Skin with IMEDEEN

IMEDEEN Derma One Skin Supplements
About a month or so ago now, I was kindly sent the Derma One Skin Supplements by IMEDEEN. These tablets have been designed to make your skin look younger, which in turn will make you feel younger which then without you even noticing makes you more revitalised and more confident. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well that's what I thought ... then I tried them out. 
These tablets were designed with a single purpose in mind: to make your skin look younger, which in turn makes you feel younger, more revitalised, and more confident. It supports the skin and imbues it with nutrients.The ingredients include Marine Complex, Proteins and Polysaccharides, all of which can be found in the natural structure of the skin, making it healthier and younger. It's especially recommended for women around the age of 30 and 40 and should be used at the first signs of aging to combat its undesirable effects.
Your probably sitting there thinking, hang on a minute ... your only 21 ... what?! And yes, I may be only 21 (nearly 22, scary) but I want to look after my skin!! And if I can help it from the inside out then I'm all for it, rememeber creams can only penetrate so far.

The actual tablets themselves don't look like much, lets be honest, they look like any old other tablet ... oval and tablet looking but the packaging doesn't feel 'clinical tablet' looking, it looks like a more high end product. The tablets come individually sealed in a plastic tray with a foil covering to ensure no contamination in processing and so you don't get mixed up or loose count, and are all bundled together in the IMEDEEN white, pink and gold boxing.

After taking these tablets for over a month or so, I think nearly two months now, I can see the difference in my skin and to be honest I was pretty skeptical. My skin feels amazing and I feel more confident to go out with no make up on because I feel like my skin looks amazingly fresh and radiant. I don't feel ashamed to go out with no make up on, and have things like my dark circles on show and my spots becasue no only have my dark circles dramatically reduced and lightened up I feel like my skin is giving off this glow.

I honestly have noticed a huge difference in my skin texture, pigmentation, tone and just the  quality of my skin and I am so so happy with it!! I would recommend these tablets to anyone who wants too improve their skin from the inside out and who wants too, like myself, help to prevent the signs of ageing because for me personally, I want too have kids in the future and look good I want to walk onto the playground and feel like how I do at the moment, and if that's vein and selfish so what, are we not allowed to be? If you have any queries regarding the tablets or want to know more, then most Boots stores have IMEDEEN consultants availble to speak with or you can even Tweet them over on Twitter!!

Have you tried IMEDEEN skin supplements? If you have, what are your experiences?
Or will you be trying them out?

Emma x

This post is in collaboration with IMDEEN.
**The IMEDEEN skin supplements where kindly sent to me by IMEDEEN.
I would not review nor support a brand that I myself did believe in, nor would I give a false opinion on any products sent to me or brought by myself, if I myself did not enjoy nor believe in  them.**

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