Nina B Roze Hidden Pocket Yoga Capri

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Nina B Roze Hidden Pocket Yoga Capri
I am so excited to be bringing this post to you today! This is the front of LA Fitness Fashion designed with practicality in mind and I AM IN LOVE with it!! This is the first product of it’s kind that I’ve seen, and tried and tested – it actually works, which amazed me too.
If you know me you know I’m always 100% honest and although I am a Brand Ambassador, all opinions on the products are entirely my own. I would not work with a brand that I didn’t believe in myself. Please remember I would never promote a brand on this blog unless I support it myself or find that it’s a brand that YOU would be interested in seeing. The products in this post have been chosen and brought with my own money – Boring disclaimer bit out of the way, let’s get onto the fun stuff!

Shop the range here
As a thank you, if you use the link above and the code “ EMMA “ in combination you will receive an exclusive 20% off your order!!
Right, these are the Nina B Roze High Waisted Two Tone Capris WITH POCKETS but not just any pockets, oh no these are super-secret you can’t see them type of pockets. If you’re anything like me and you leave all your bits and pieces everywhere when you’re working out, but then always have that awkward bit where you can’t put your phone down because someone will step on it but you can’t have hold of it then these capris are your new saving grace.
The two hidden pockets on these capris are perfect for smaller items like your locker keys, and also your phone!! I know I was equally amazed – I did think at first that it would be horridly uncomfterable to have your phone up by your waist but it’s actually down your leg?!  The clean geometric lines of the grey and black allow these pockets to be completely concealable but entirely functional thanks to the clever design.

These capris are made with light compression jersey in combination with breathable fabric, so you get perfectly contoured slimmed legs with the bonus of being perfect for any type of weather. They feature a high-rise waistband that doesn’t have any of that irritating elastic, so you’re guaranteed an interrupted workout with a small gusset sewn in for the picture perfect yoga stretches. Not only are these functionally comfy there the perfect piece to jazz up your fitness wardrobe with, plus they’ll go with almost everything!  
Shop the range here - 
As a thank you, if you use the link above and the code “ EMMA “ in combination you will receive an exclusive 20% off your order!!

Emma x

Nina B Roze Criss Cross Mesh Top

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Nina B Roze Criss Cross Mesh Top
So here it is, this is the first ever blog post in partnership with Nina B Roze! As many of you already know, I was offered the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador for Nina B Roze and I am so incredibly thankful to have this opportunity (you can read more about that here)
If you know me you know I’m always 100% honest and although I am a Brand Ambassador, all opinions on the products are entirely my own. I would not work with a brand that I didn’t believe in myself. Please remember I would never promote a brand on this blog unless I support it myself or find that it’s a brand that YOU would be interested in seeing. The products in this post have been chosen and brought with my own money – Boring disclaimer bit out of the way, let’s get onto the fun stuff!

Shop the range here
As a thank you, if you use the link above and the code “ NINAB20 “ in combination you will receive an exclusive 20% off your order!!

This is the Nina B Roze Black Mesh Workout Top, I have mine in a US size ‘Large’ purely because I prefer a looser fitting top but this would look super cute in a tighter fit too! This top is the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn, and it’s so flowy too, which is always a bonus in my books because it hides my not quite there yet areas. This top is designed and produced in the most beautiful bit of the world, Los Angeles and is completely perfect for any type of activity; Yoga, Pilates, Gym activities, Walking, Hiking – All tested when worn by yours truly.

The design of the top really accentuates all your best bits, the criss cross backing and mesh trim allows it to be naturally breathable without compromising on style, alongside the luxuriously soft venezia fabric and silky four way stretch. The base of the top is Black with the brands unique print painted art on the front showcasing the top stunningly, whilst also making it completely wearable with jeans too!

Thanks to the amazing combination in materials this top will not only be perfect for warmer or cooler weather, it has the feature of being able to wick away any moisture leaving you feeling refreshed at all times, and not sticky. The bottom of the top has a comfterable fitting t-shirt hem so you still get the high performance value but with a relaxed feel, which is number 1 on my priorities list.
Shop the range here 
As a thank you, if you use the link above and the code “ NINAB20 “ in combination you will receive an exclusive 20% off your order!!

PS - I will be doing a lookbook-esk post soon too

Emma x

Top Tips for a Successful Blog

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Top Tips for a Successful Blog

As the blog is nearly a year old, can you believe it?! I feel like I have a good year’s experience under my belt to give you guys my top tips for a successful blog, and what I’ve felt has helped get the blog to where it is now. Firstly, it wouldn’t be where it is nor would I be giving you these tips if it wasn’t for YOU.

1.       Your readers/followers ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT people in the world! Without their following and interaction your blog/social media accounts will not get anywhere fast – remember to appreciate and respond to each and every single comment! It’s the least they deserve.

2.       Have a publishing routine down, so for me that’s every 3 days in the morning (usually between 6am – 11am) – On the third day my readers/followers know there will be a new blog post for them to delve into. Likewise for my social Medias’ Instagram I post daily to keep up interaction and Twitter I try, emphasize on the word try, to tweet as much as possible.

3.       Comment, comment, comment – Get your name out there as much as you can. Make sure your interacting with people on all different forms of social medias’ spread your image.

4.       Ask what your followers/readers want to see on the blog!! Twitter now has the option of running a poll – Which, from experience, has helped me to grasp a better understanding of what my readers/followers want me to write about.

5.       Make sure your 100% happy with your images before you post them – If you’re not happy with them, it will come across. I find non-busy backgrounds are my most preferable layouts for images, whether that is on Instagram or the blog, personally I can’t stand busy backgrounds because you lose the focus of the image.

6.       Think outside the box – Don’t always write about what everyone else is too. I recently did a post on my top tips for saving for a deposit, based on my current experience of trying to save for a house. Make your posts personable, let your readers/followers see the real you.

7.       Always check your stats, knowing where in the world your biggest amount of engagement comes from will allow you to tailor your posts to suit – for example mine is mainly the US/UK with Germany, Brazil, Canada, Australia etc coming in close behind.

8.       Update your ‘look’, if you’ve had the same blog layout for over 3 years now … switch it up, please. You can download TONES of blog layouts off Etsy for cheap and there so easy to install.

9.        Organise your posts, like this one – I’m currently writing this a week or so in advance so I know exactly how and when to promote it. And let’s be honest, no one likes waiting for a blog post to be published because it isn’t ready to go at normal time.

10.   You don’t need to invest tones of money into fancy camera equipment but if you’re going to use your phone try to make sure the images are as crisp as possible, you don’t want to publish; blurry, out of focus, fuzzy photos! Aesthetics people!!

What are your top tips for a successful blog? Share them down below!
Emma x

Styling ASOS Arrow Bolo Necklace / AX Paris Top

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Styling ASOS Arrow Bolo Necklace / AX Paris Top
I managed to nab this beautiful Gold Plated Sterling Silver Arrow Bolo Necklace form ASOS for £13.00! (Reduced from £22.00) in the ASOS Sale and I am absolutely in love with it! It’s so unique and is like nothing I have already, so when it arrived the very next day – ASOS Premier is a god send - I was so excited to start wearing it and styling it up!

The necklace is as you’ve already guessed a sterling silver necklace with a gold plated finish; it has a super fine chain so it makes the bolo design look so dainty and beautiful with an adjustable chain length to sit right within any outfit. The main feature is obviously the arrows dropping down at bottom that glimmer when caught in the light and when layered with other pieces it still looks like the stand out piece.

Today I’ve styled this bolo on it’s own to showcase it’s beauty but also with some other chains so you can see how stunning it looks collectively!
Now, I’m not one for tones of colour in my clothing because honestly it scares the living daylights out of me! I’m always worried I’m going to look like a giant Lemon or something because I’m not confident enough to pull it off. BUT as I’m getting older, eurgh what a horrid thought, I’m actually feeling braver and wanting to incorporate more colours into my wardrobe.

To start transitioning more colour into my very basic clothing life I found this beautiful top from AX Paris via ASOS that has colour all over it but in such an exquisitely patterned way it’s not scary!! The colour range in this top is very simple with your classic pairing of yellow and blue, but the scarf printed design makes it look so much more and so much more expensive.
I’m already outfit planning so much around this top, I’m thinking; White frayed shorts with the top tucked in the front on holiday in Spain, skinny jeans with high boots and a leather jacket for this in-between weather, or even for a night out with a tight black skirt! There are so many different styling options for this top even if it is a more complicated design!

Are you into the Bolo/Chocker trend? How do you style yours? 

Emma x

Kipling Kaeon Collection

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Kipling Kaeon Collection X QVC
All hail the queen of striking design crossed with amazing function! I was recently sent the beyond stunning Kipling Kaeon collection by QVC UK, and oh. my. Giddy aunt I have never seen anything more functionally beautiful in my life. Plus, both of these bags are made with a percentage of recycled polyester so you’re doing amazing things for the environment whilst also looking hot as.

Kipling Kaeon Lifesaver Large Shoulder Bag with Shoulder Strap

Now, by no stretch of the imagination should you think this bag won’t be suitable because it’s too small … This bag is like the Marry Poppins of all bags, it’s HUGE. To give you an idea these are the bags measurements (h x w x d): 45cm x 32cm x 20cm (17.7" x 12.6" x 7.9") … This is the Kipling Kaeon Lifesaver Large Shoulder Bag with Shoulder Strap, and as the name suggests it is a lifesaver because of how much you can fit into it! The shape and classic design of this bag allows you to fit so much into it but with the key features of organisation; soft suede pockets inside add so much luxury to the bag and the sturdy handles reassure you that this bag will go all day every day. The bag also has a side to side zip fastening that runs along the top but it isn’t a flimsy zip, oh no, this is a Kipling bag and they don’t do things by halves! This is a super chunky thick zip, so you know that if the kids want to get into it and just yank it with all there might it will not break off.

Kipling Kaeon Blocky Friend Clutch Bag
Er hello new favourite girls night out bag!! This is the most giving clutch bag on earth because it’s not stupidly tiny and actually fits a fair amount of things in it for a change, so basically everything plus the kitchen sink. This is the Kipling Kaeon Blocky Friend Clutch Bag in the most stunning eye-catching colour block design, and the brand’s logo embossed into the metal tab front. For me this is the perfect way to jazz up my outfit because of how classic the design is but yet with the prominent colours it really makes a talking piece; plus with it being Kipling I know this little bag will last many a bashing on a night out! Featured on the inside is a side zipped pocket, the brands embossed logo and a stunning deep navy blue lining. I must admit though, this pair together is just perfection for an overnight stay! You look so organised being all matched up whilst also being so stylish!!

Will you be grabbing something from the Kaeon collection? What do you think of the colours?
Emma x

Saving for a House – My Top Tips

Monday, 11 April 2016

Saving for a House – My Top Tips

Saving for the deposit for a Mortgage or even for Renting can be a daunting prospect, and I don’t think it’s discussed enough on blogs/in general on how to save and how to prepare you for this new change. As some of you may or may not know my Partner and myself are currently saving for a deposit for a mortgaged house, and before we started saving no one really gave us any tips or tricks on what to do, so let these tips be the advice you never had.

1. Don’t impulse buy that new top – Leave in your basket for 24 hours and if you still really want it, go ahead and get it but I can assure you 99% of the time you don’t really want/need it; then use that money to put towards your savings.

2. Set a monthly goal – Set yourself a goal for how much money you will put away every month, that could be £20 to £200 but by putting away a little every month you will slowly build your savings. Plus, by putting it into something like a fixed ISA account you haven’t got the temptation to take it out!

3. Help to Buy Schemes are helpful – You may not realise it but using the Help to Buy Schemes to help finance the deposit for your new home are bloody brilliant (applicable to First Time Byers Only) Speak to your bank about opening one up and you’ll be amazed at all the offers they can give you.

4. Start a ‘bottom draw’ – Starting a bottom draw collection will not only help you when moving in but will help your money too! Start buying little niggly bits now and store them away, this could be a set of new baking trays or a new cutlery set or even just a new print for the walls, buying these little bits in advance will save you a heap of cash, plus it will help you out when you come to moving in and you don’t have a spatula!!

5. Stop spending where un-necessary, think about it do you really NEED that Costa Coffee every morning on the way to work, or that lunch from Sainsburys every other day? No? Well stop spending that valuable money then!! Saving for a new home is going to make you less well off in any which direction, so scrimping any pennies you can here and there will be amazing for your bank balance and your health (do you know how much rubbish is in that shop brought Sandwich?!) 
6. Believe you can do it - Create a pintrest board, or a theme board and cover it in ideas of your dream having a visual goal is much easier to stick too than just hoping that one day you'll get there.  
Are you saving for a new home? What would be your top tips for a new buyer?
Emma x

Spring Styling

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring Styling

Spring has arrived!! Well it sort of has, it comes and goes, I mean, its peeing it down as I write this blog post but it’s there in spirit … oh don’t ruin my positive thinking, it’s the UK it sucks alright. So, to try and blank out the fact that I may need a boat to get to work at this rate I thought I’d do a rundown of my favourite Spring styles!!

Dutch Braids

Thanks to the likes of the Kardashians and You Tubers’ Dutch Braids are MASSIVE this Spring/Summer, trend and braid wise. Not only is this a massively functional hairstyle it also looks so hot when done, back and tight with fierce make up, loose and big with a statement outfit. This is probably the most functional yet stylish trend we’ve yet encountered.
Dainty Pieces
I love love love that this trend has continued onto Spring/Summer, and to be honest I don’t think it will ever die down. Layering dainty pieces of jewellery with statement outfits, or with other pieces of statement jewellery is huge this season! I love to layer a couple of thin necklaces on top of each other, or a few of my finer bracelets with some statement earrings.
Loose Clothing
All praise the wearers of the comfort clothes, for they shall be forever happy. Loose fitting clothing is making a boohoo inspired come back for this season and I am ecstatic!!!! Oversized clothing paired with a tighter piece is a key this season, my favourite way to wear this look is to have the alternate piece fit tighter; so if I’m wearing loose bottoms I’ll wear a tight top to balance out my body. 

Glowy/Fresh Makeup
For those of you that are blessed with fresh glowy radiant skin, I hate you, you’ve got it easy! A huge trend this season is easy fresh faced, natural; enhance your perfections kind of makeup and for those of you that already have beautiful skin you’re already covered! Dewy soft focused skin is such a love of mine anyway, so whip out those diffused highlighters, forget setting with powder and embrace the glow from within.
Caps are a style staple for fitness bunnies but are slowly creeping into the fashion world as a new staple accessory! I love wearing a cap to make a super dressy outfit look more relaxed and as if it’s just been ‘thrown on’ ‘no effort’ kind of look, or to just make that plain jane t-shirt and jeans look a bit more put chic and together.
What are your favourite Spring styles? Are you already rocking any of the above?
Emma x

Becoming an Ambassador for Nina B Roze

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Becoming an Ambassador for Nina B Roze

The Realist Review X Nina B Roze
 Today I can officially announce that The Realist Review is now a Nina B Roze Ambassador! - Que mini celebratory confetti cannons –  Nina B Roze is a sports apparel designer from LA, I mean hello Los Angles how extraordinary! So I will now be able to showcase to you guys front of LA fitness fashion in the UK!!
Nina’s passion for fitness and nostalgia for ballet classes that guided her towards creating a “Feminine Movement” A creation she builds, as a visionary for women who enjoy taking care of their health, body and soul. Out of a garage, NINA B ROZE active apparel was awakened. She is inspired the Victorian era but infuses femininity and elegance in every design, which means you will always get a classily designed product mixed in with silhouettes that include intricate details and shapes that accentuate a woman’s body, while having technical fabrics that are specifically chosen for durability, moisture management and superb fit.
The main piece of the Nina’s collection includes the signature design, the Heart Butt™ legging and Capri, which is designed to emphasize that booty whilst also making it look toned and defined. While the collection is functional for an athlete, it’s versatile for everyday wear. Whether you’re in yoga class, Pilates or a brunch with your girlfriends, “Sport Your Pretty” wherever you go.

Being able to become an Ambassador for Nina has not been possible without you guys supporting the blog, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Becoming an ambassador has enabled me to have the opportunity of an affiliate link - - You don't have to use this link to buy Nina B Roze products but, this personalised link helps and supports my content. I hope you can support me with what I am doing here on the blog.
I will be purchasing some of Nina’s clothing and once they arrive I will be doing a full review on the blog for you guys and also maybe a look book – let me know your ideas!!

For an extra 20% off your purchase use the link and NINAB20

– Keep an eye out for May’s Birthday Giveaway blog post! –

Thank you once again for your love and support. I wouldn’t be where I am without every single one of you. Thank you.
 Emma x

Forever Healthy - Adapting my Lifestyle

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Forever Healthy - Adapting my Lifestyle
As some of you already know I’m trying to adapt my lifestyle…New Year’s resolution? No, I’m trying, well attempting very strongly, too change my eating/diet/exercise habits to ensure I’m living a healthy lifestyle and am giving myself the best possible chance in future of guaranteeing my body stays the way it is and is healthy and strong. I’m trying to do this from the inside out, so today I thought I’d give you guys a little update on how it’s going, what I’m doing and what the outcomes are.

Since I’ve been eating more green foods and reducing my sugar intake I’ve really been craving things like a sweet green smoothie after the gym or when I’m out shopping, and things like choosing that lower in sugar sandwich at the coffee shop appose to the one next to it over flowing with sugar and fats. Just being more aware of what I’m eating is really helping me to feel like I’m healing my body from the inside out and is also massively helping to clear my skin!!!! I’m not good all of the time; I have bad days/weeks but I get over it and don’t feel guilty about it, so what I ate 2 chocolate bars for lunch … and your point is, I don’t do it all the time and will work extra hard at the gym that day, simples.

I am huge believer in detoxing your body regularly through water and drinking a lot of water daily but recently I had went and took my Mum for afternoon tea and discovered this Mango Green Tea blend (I basically pinched some of hers too try out), looks like grass with petals and smells like it too but with a smidge of honey it tastes amazing! It’s this lovely sweet-ish mango taste and you can’t even taste the greenness – bonus. Green tea is amazing for helping the digestive system and has so so so many benefits your body!
It’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. This includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits.

Over the past month or so I’ve been taking IMEDEEN supplements, you can read more about them super soon, and they have completely changed my skin for the better. It’s more even in tone, it’s not oily and combination it’s just normal and happy, the dark circles under my eyes have reduced and lightened and my skin feels amazing – to the point I’m happy to go out with no/minimal make up on. If you want to know more about IMEDEEN and in particular the Derma One range I've done a whole post on them! Here

I’ve been really trying to up my training, not only in the amount I train but also how long I train for, the weights, the exercises etc so as part of my healthy lifestyle adjustments I thought I should try something new! So I’ve been in conversation with the beautiful Beth Trueman (if you’re not already, give her a cheeky follow @beth_trueman) and she is in the process of creating me a one off workout plan to kick my butt into gear!! I think it’s amazing to shock your body with a different routine now and then, it keeps your muscles guessing and if you’re lacking it; then it’ll give you your motivation back.

I’m trying to decrease/cut my carbs and fats down and up my proteins, and to be honest it’s proving to be quite a challenge but one that I’m enjoying because I’m challenging myself. I’m pushing myself over the edge and seeing how long it takes for me to grab a ledge on the way down and tell myself, you got this sh*t ! I’m doing this part more so to grow my confidence in myself but to also see how my body reacts, I feel by testing my body I can then create the best way to care for it.
Are you trying to have a healthier lifestyle? What are your top tips?
Emma x