Forever Healthy - Adapting my Lifestyle

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Forever Healthy - Adapting my Lifestyle
As some of you already know I’m trying to adapt my lifestyle…New Year’s resolution? No, I’m trying, well attempting very strongly, too change my eating/diet/exercise habits to ensure I’m living a healthy lifestyle and am giving myself the best possible chance in future of guaranteeing my body stays the way it is and is healthy and strong. I’m trying to do this from the inside out, so today I thought I’d give you guys a little update on how it’s going, what I’m doing and what the outcomes are.

Since I’ve been eating more green foods and reducing my sugar intake I’ve really been craving things like a sweet green smoothie after the gym or when I’m out shopping, and things like choosing that lower in sugar sandwich at the coffee shop appose to the one next to it over flowing with sugar and fats. Just being more aware of what I’m eating is really helping me to feel like I’m healing my body from the inside out and is also massively helping to clear my skin!!!! I’m not good all of the time; I have bad days/weeks but I get over it and don’t feel guilty about it, so what I ate 2 chocolate bars for lunch … and your point is, I don’t do it all the time and will work extra hard at the gym that day, simples.

I am huge believer in detoxing your body regularly through water and drinking a lot of water daily but recently I had went and took my Mum for afternoon tea and discovered this Mango Green Tea blend (I basically pinched some of hers too try out), looks like grass with petals and smells like it too but with a smidge of honey it tastes amazing! It’s this lovely sweet-ish mango taste and you can’t even taste the greenness – bonus. Green tea is amazing for helping the digestive system and has so so so many benefits your body!
It’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. This includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits.

Over the past month or so I’ve been taking IMEDEEN supplements, you can read more about them super soon, and they have completely changed my skin for the better. It’s more even in tone, it’s not oily and combination it’s just normal and happy, the dark circles under my eyes have reduced and lightened and my skin feels amazing – to the point I’m happy to go out with no/minimal make up on. If you want to know more about IMEDEEN and in particular the Derma One range I've done a whole post on them! Here

I’ve been really trying to up my training, not only in the amount I train but also how long I train for, the weights, the exercises etc so as part of my healthy lifestyle adjustments I thought I should try something new! So I’ve been in conversation with the beautiful Beth Trueman (if you’re not already, give her a cheeky follow @beth_trueman) and she is in the process of creating me a one off workout plan to kick my butt into gear!! I think it’s amazing to shock your body with a different routine now and then, it keeps your muscles guessing and if you’re lacking it; then it’ll give you your motivation back.

I’m trying to decrease/cut my carbs and fats down and up my proteins, and to be honest it’s proving to be quite a challenge but one that I’m enjoying because I’m challenging myself. I’m pushing myself over the edge and seeing how long it takes for me to grab a ledge on the way down and tell myself, you got this sh*t ! I’m doing this part more so to grow my confidence in myself but to also see how my body reacts, I feel by testing my body I can then create the best way to care for it.
Are you trying to have a healthier lifestyle? What are your top tips?
Emma x

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