Spring Styling

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Spring Styling

Spring has arrived!! Well it sort of has, it comes and goes, I mean, its peeing it down as I write this blog post but it’s there in spirit … oh don’t ruin my positive thinking, it’s the UK it sucks alright. So, to try and blank out the fact that I may need a boat to get to work at this rate I thought I’d do a rundown of my favourite Spring styles!!

Dutch Braids

Thanks to the likes of the Kardashians and You Tubers’ Dutch Braids are MASSIVE this Spring/Summer, trend and braid wise. Not only is this a massively functional hairstyle it also looks so hot when done, back and tight with fierce make up, loose and big with a statement outfit. This is probably the most functional yet stylish trend we’ve yet encountered.
Dainty Pieces
I love love love that this trend has continued onto Spring/Summer, and to be honest I don’t think it will ever die down. Layering dainty pieces of jewellery with statement outfits, or with other pieces of statement jewellery is huge this season! I love to layer a couple of thin necklaces on top of each other, or a few of my finer bracelets with some statement earrings.
Loose Clothing
All praise the wearers of the comfort clothes, for they shall be forever happy. Loose fitting clothing is making a boohoo inspired come back for this season and I am ecstatic!!!! Oversized clothing paired with a tighter piece is a key this season, my favourite way to wear this look is to have the alternate piece fit tighter; so if I’m wearing loose bottoms I’ll wear a tight top to balance out my body. 

Glowy/Fresh Makeup
For those of you that are blessed with fresh glowy radiant skin, I hate you, you’ve got it easy! A huge trend this season is easy fresh faced, natural; enhance your perfections kind of makeup and for those of you that already have beautiful skin you’re already covered! Dewy soft focused skin is such a love of mine anyway, so whip out those diffused highlighters, forget setting with powder and embrace the glow from within.
Caps are a style staple for fitness bunnies but are slowly creeping into the fashion world as a new staple accessory! I love wearing a cap to make a super dressy outfit look more relaxed and as if it’s just been ‘thrown on’ ‘no effort’ kind of look, or to just make that plain jane t-shirt and jeans look a bit more put chic and together.
What are your favourite Spring styles? Are you already rocking any of the above?
Emma x

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