SCI-MX Convience Range - Part 2

Monday, 30 May 2016

SCI-MX Convience Range - Part 2
Thanks to the awesome team at SCI-MX, I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some of their products from their convenience range. This included a SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Milkshake, SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Flapjack Bar, SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Cookie ~ (This can all be found in Part 1).  SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein, SCI-MX XPLODE Pre-Workout and a SCI-MX Women’s Top. So of course I delved straight into the products and started my research into the SCI-MX brand.

SCI-MX Nutrition creates products that are orientated around advanced nutrition for muscle development, physique transformation and also, increased performance. Which personally, are key factors that I look for when finding a new nutrition brand to try out – you only want to give your body the very best! The products taste incredible, as well as having an aesthetically pleasing appearance thanks to their fitness/sports orientated design.

SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein
Strawberry Protein? Been there, done that and got the t-shirt – is exactly what you’re thinking. But have you ever looked at the science behind it? The SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein is so different to anything I’ve come across before with the way it’s all made. The whey contains 6g of BCAAs (Naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids), Isolates and Hydrolysates, and 4.7g Glutamine, which is all micro-filtered so the cold filtration process prevents any damage to the natural structure and quality of the proteins. In essence, you’re basically getting a product that is produced by boffins for an extremely competitive price! Plus, the taste is just as good a quality as brands like MyProtein/Optimum Nutrition etc.

This pre-workout is described online as being Formulated to give you the kick you need for increased exertion it’s time to power through your best effort!” and oh my giddy aunt does it ever. I took this about an hour to half an hour before I worked out and I still felt pumped and ready to go again after 2 hours! The blend contains a mix of Caffeine, an Amino Acid matrix and 2.g L-Arginine AKG, so as you can imagine you get quite the pump from such a small serving. The high caffeine content did help to increase alertness during my workout and made me want to push myself further to beat my pb’s (personal bests). I would advise though not taking this too late in the evening though, ideally if you’re going to take a pre-workout try to take it 5 hours before you’re going to bed, otherwise you won’t burn the caffeine off enough to be able to sleep.

These products where sent to me by SCI-MX Nutrition, I'm not obligated to show any of these products and will only give my 100% honest review. 
Have you tried SCI-MX Nutrition before? What are your favourite protein products?

Emma x

SCI-MX Convience Range - Part 1

Saturday, 28 May 2016

SCI-MX Convience Range - Part 1

Thanks to the awesome team at SCI-MX, I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some of their products from their convenience range. This included a SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Milkshake, SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Flapjack Bar, SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Cookie, SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein, SCI-MX XPLODE Pre-Workout and a SCI-MX Women’s Top. So of course I delved straight into the products and started my research into the SCI-MX brand.
Now, because SCI-MX have been ridiculously generous and have given me so much to show you guys, I’ll be splitting this post into 2 parts because I just have too much to say!

SCI-MX Nutrition creates products that are orientated around advanced nutrition for muscle development, physique transformation and also, increased performance. Which personally, are key factors that I look for when finding a new nutrition brand to try out – you only want to give your body the very best! The products taste incredible, as well as having an aesthetically pleasing appearance thanks to their fitness/sports orientated design.

PRO 2 GO Milkshake
Now, the PRO 2 GO Milkshake boasts a huge 22g of Protein per serving which is a massive hit for a 310ml bottle but the taste is second to none. I was expecting this to taste like a traditional protein shake, when mixed with water, very thin and not much flavour but this has exceed my expectations in the best possible ways! The taste is phenomenal and incredibly apparent, thanks to the use of good ingredients. It’s incredibly creamy and the consistency is not as thick as a sort of ice cream shake but not as thin as a traditional protein shake, which was a very pleasant surprise. You can drink these shakes on the go, in between meals, or pre/post workout, I’ve found that having it at that 11:30am hunger craving allows me to feel full until lunch time, which makes my lunch feel like it fills me up even more so. Plus it just tastes like a Yazoo milkshake that you used to have when you where a child, winning!

PRO 2 GO Flapjack
I’ve tried protein bars before; I’ve tried a few different flavours of the Quest nutrition bars and to be honest there not that great so trying the PRO 2 Go Flapjack and seeing if it could convince me to like it would be a challenge in itself!  The bar is made from whey and milk protein and milled natural oats & flaxseed, so you get an incredible amount of good for you carbohydrates in one bar. To be honest, I was expecting this to taste radically sweetened like most flapjacks do but it really doesn’t, the sweetness is there but it doesn’t hit you like a wall. This one bar has 20g of Protein in one serving! Is low in GI carbs, uses natural flavours and aids muscle support, so it’s perfect for a post gym treat! Now, personally I'm not a huge fan of this purely because of the texture more than anything but everything else about it is a huge thumbs up. 

PRO 2 GO Cookie
You mean I can eat a whole cookie and it technically, kind of, not as bad as others, is good for me? Hell’a to the yes!! This cookie is a baked cookie with 23g Protein, natural flavours and has low GI Carbohydrates, which is amazing for those of you who are like me and want to eat all the cookies in the world … at once. The taste doesn’t taste that different to a normal cookie, which was a concern of mine as I didn’t want it to taste different to the foods I already enjoy. I would definitely go for a sweeter one next time, probably a chocolate version but the Oatmeal & Raisin is seriously good.

These products where sent to me by SCI-MX Nutrition, I'm not obligated to show any of these products and will only give my 100% honest review. 

Have you tried SCI-MX Nutrition before? What are your favourite protein products?

Emma x

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Bouncy Brush

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Bouncy Brush
You’re probably looking at this and thinking exactly what I thought - well this looks erm um, interesting? Exactly. This looks like something I would use on my dog rather than myself due it’s very unusual design but it does really work! This Lee Stafford My Big Fat Bouncy brush smashed all my negative thoughts and opinions on it the minute I started using it.
This brush is amazing. It effortlessly creates volumes and adds big fat bouncy waves as you blow dry, and best of all it will NOT tangle in your hair! The vents allow the air to blow through and the bristles are antistatic helping to keep flyaway hair under control. For a big bouncy blow out with extra texture and movement at the ends, simply twist the brush round and down through your hair from roots to ends twisting as you dry.

I found this brush is also great for post gym showers, when I need to be quick but still not look like a poorly bathed poodle. It doesn’t create any frizz and gives me super smooth shiny locks. Plus thanks to this brushes design, I can easily create a sleek straight style or a wavy textured style simply by flicking my wrist the other direction, so no need to carry 3 different brushes around with me.

Have you tried this brush out? What are your top tips for voluminous hair?
Emma x

Top 15 Summer Holiday Tips

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Top 15 Summer Holiday Tips
Were coming into holiday season already! Which means everyone will be panicking about what to bring, where to go, who to go with etc. So today I'm giving you my TOP 15 travelling tips and tricks, that have always worked for me. 

1. Pack light, you don’t need to bring everything plus the kitchen sink.
2. Take a photo of your luggage, that way if it gets lost you can show people what it looks like.
3. Talk to the locals, the best way to find hidden gems on holiday is to go where the locals hide!
4. Bring a sun cream with bug repellent within, two birds one stone.
5. Use an in-shower After Sun body wash, you won’t feel sticky at night then.
6. Take a pillow spray, you might be unsettled on holiday so using something like a lavender spray in the room will help to ease you into sleep.
7. Take allergy relief medication, I’ve been caught out so many times.
8. Buy a tablet box, pop all your tablets into the box - you can find some on Amazon with days of the week, so you don’t lose track.
9. If it feels wrong, don’t do it! Trust your gut.
10. Try and do different activities, you only have to do it once to say you’ve done it.
11. Split your money up; don’t keep it all in a big wodge in your bag.
12. Bring a tiny box of laundry powder; you may need to rewash/wear that risky leg showing dress.
13. Only take 3 -4 pairs of shoes; 1 pair of Sandals, 1 pair of Evening shoes, 1 pair of flip flops and 1 pair of Trainers.
14. Use makeup with SPF in it, it’s a great way to cover up but protect against premature aging.
15. Avoid the sun from 12pm-3pm; it’s the hottest point of the day. 

Are you going on holiday soon? Where are you going?

Emma x

#ProjectForeverBody Summer Body Workout

Friday, 20 May 2016

Summer Body Workout - Cardio
I’ve found the perfect cardio workout to really get you sweaty or even sweatier during summer. Now this is a gym based workout but you can totally do this at home, just try adding sprints, hill walking or a hike in instead!! This workout will really make you feel the burn, sweat like there’s no tomorrow and help to promote fat burning (alongside a healthy balanced diet). This is a 40 minute workout but in small quantities… shall we begin?

If you want to up the intensity of this workout try adding some light ankle/wrist weights or upping the incline on the machines!
Take 5 minutes to do a warm up of your choice to wake those muscles up!

Get that whole body burn going! 10 Minutes at Level 3, GO

Toning those endless pins! 10 Minutes at Level 2, GO

Getting your heart rate up now! 10 Minutes at a 5% Incline at 5.2 Speed, GO

Let’s get some resistance in there to finish! 10 Minutes at Level 8, GO

Finish with a good 5 minute cool down of your choice and don’t forget to stretch!!!

End with some awesome stretches to bring your muscles back from the burn, here are some of my favourites!

Downward Dog                   Lunges

Upward Facing Dog            Torso Twist

Cat stretch

Will you be trying this workout? What's your favourite form of Cardio? 

Emma x

Tresemme Beauty-FULL Volume REVERSE SYSTEM

Monday, 16 May 2016

Tresemme Beauty-FULL Volume REVERSE SYSTEM
Thank the gods of fine, limp, lifeless, lack lustre hair! My prayers have been answered, Tresemme have created a reverse system specifically for non-voluminous hair! The Beauty-FULL Volume collection uses a unique reverse system to deliver natural looking, everyday volume which is soft and smooth to touch meaning you don’t have to compromise on the look or feel of your hair.
This was the strangest concept to me, conditioner and then shampoo? And I have to admit, I was truly skeptical but I am a believer and now a Beauty-FULL Volume addict! I have fine hair but a lot of it, which gives the illusion of it being thicker so usually shampoo and conditioner just weigh it down and make it greasy, until now. This reverse system has changed my hair game for the better, by not only giving me imitation Rosie Londoner bouncy locks but also making my hair just feel so weightless, and not as greasy after day 2. It feels silky, bouncy, weightless, soft, hydrated but also light – it’s the weirdest combination but I feel as though my hair has been set free.
THE FORMULATION: The Pre-Wash conditioner uses patented Fibre Polishing Actives that stay on the hair even after the conditioner is washed away, covering the surface of the hair fibres and leaving it touchably soft and smooth before shampooing.
THE EFFECT: The TRESemmé BEAUTY- FULL VOLUME Pre-Wash Conditioner nourishes and cares for the hair at the first stage of washing leaving hair touchably soft.

THE FORMULATION: This anti-static shampoo washes away the weight of the conditioner but not the softness. Also contains additional conditioning agents that stay on the hair long after the shampoo is rinsed off for softness and manageability.
THE EFFECT: The TRESemmé BEAUTY-FULL VOLUME Shampoo leaves your hair beautifully clean, full of body and bounce.

The conditioner doesn’t feel like your ordinary conditioner either, it feels lighter, smoother, more refined and when washed out with the anti-static shampoo your locks feel nourished and luxurious, even in the shower! Think post hairdresser wash and blow dry kind of feeling, where you have your hair big, bouncy and flowing. I am amazed that Tresemme have managed to hit the nail on the head here, and create a range with serious results! You go Glenn Coco!!

Have you tried out the Beauty-FULL Volume range?

Emma x

Easiest Super Food Green Smoothie

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Easiest Super Food Green Smoothie
Want my secrets to the best tasting green smoothie that doesn’t even taste green? Well, here they are! This smoothie is so easy to make, tastes delicious, has amazing health benefits and you can prepare most of it the night before so it’s ready to whizz up the next morning – I like to make mine in the morning so I can have it on the way to work.

A blender – I’m using the Breville Blend and Go
2 Tsp of Bioglans Superfood Greens Powder (Optional)
3 Big handfuls of Baby Spinach
3 Pineapple wedges (sliced and diced)
4-5 Tsp of Frozen Mango Chunks or Any other frozen fruit of your choice
(Make sure it's frozen though, as this will make it nice and cold)
Apple Juice / Water - Amount depends on how thick or runny you want your smoothie

Step 1. Add the Baby Spinach, Bioglans powder, and Pineapple into the blender (I like to do this the night before and just leave it in the fridge ready for blending the next morning) and add some of the Apple Juice/Water to help it get whizzing. Blend, blend, blend away until all the ingredients are smooth and there are no chunky stalks from the Baby Spinach or Kale.

Step 2. Add in the 4-5 Tsp of your chosen Frozen Fruit, and whizz again to blend all together and disguise that green taste because if you don’t add something sweet to it, it will just taste like blended grass.

And you’re done .... How easy was that?
If you’re giving this to children who are super fussy on it having bits in, just pour it through a fine strainer and they have a super smooth smoothie! All the benefits from the vegetable and fruit, without the pulp.
Have you tried a Green smoothie before? What are your favourite recipes?
Emma x

#ProjectForeverBody Part 1 - My Supplements

Monday, 9 May 2016

#ProjectForeverBody Part 1 - My Supplements 

If you haven’t seen my post explaining this whole #ProjectForeverBody series then what have you been doing, hiding under a rock? But thanks to hyperlinks you can read all about it here. So, today were focusing on supplements and in particular what supplements I take to aid my body/training.
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So to start with lets go through what supplements I actually take and when; MyProtein CLA & Thermopure (tablet form), MyProtein Impact Whey Protein (powder form), IMEDEEN Derma One (tablet form) and Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy (powder form). At the moment I’m finding this combination to be the most effective for fat loss/maintaining muscle mass without running myself to the ground, plus with the added benefit of the IMEDEEN I look healthier.

6:45am-ish I tend to take the MyProtein CLA & Thermopure, and the IMEDEEN Derma One first thing in the morning with my first breakfast, I consume 5-6 meals a day; So I give my body a kick start with the CLA & Thermopure but also to ensure I’m looking after it on the inside out with the IMEDEEN.

MY PROTEIN CLA & THERMOPURE – These two supplements are most commonly known as ‘fat burners’, which they are but only when used correctly. You should never ever use ‘fat burning’ supplements in replacement of a healthy and active lifestyle, like ever, you will do your body so much harm it’s unreal. But when used as part of a healthy and active lifestyle these supplements can contribute to the normal energy-yielding metabolism and also contribute to the function of the immune system. 

Disclaimer: Caffeine is a powerful stimulant. Not suitable for anyone under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women, anyone with hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, or people who have sleep problems.

1:30pm-ish Then with my lunch I’ll have a 50g Serving of the MyProtein Impact Whey Protein mixed with 200-250ml of water, this is normally in conjunction or in replacement of 3rd/4th meal. At the moment I’ve got the Vanilla flavour, which is the but I have tried Strawberry – Too sweet for me and Chocolate Brownie – Amazing but too sweet after a while.
MY PROTEIN IMPACT WHEY PROTEIN – Protein is an amazing thing because it enables you to build muscle whilst also reducing your fat percentage (provided you follow a healthy and active lifestyle). I have this Protein twice a day and always the notice the difference when I’m cutting because it will enable the maintenance of lean muscle mass.  This protein is ideal for anyone looking to increase their existing daily protein intake

8:30pm-ish I’ll start taking the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy just before/during my workout to aid my muscles - BCAA, known as Branch Chain Amino Acids, are one of the most used supplements in sports nutrition. BCAA's are made from three essential amino acids called Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine that scientists have been combining for years in a 2:1:1 ratio to supplement the high protein diet of athletes and people who train -

OPTIMUM NUTRITION AMINO ENERGY – Branch Chain Amino Acids are amazing, completely underrated bloody amazing little things BCAA’s work in your favour, they reduce the rate of protein breakdown which in turn aids muscle growth! New studies have shown that dieting groups supplementing with BCAAs (like leucine) increase muscle retention and maximize fat loss much more effectively than non-supplemented groups.

9:45pm-ish I’ll have another serving of the MyProtein Impact Whey Protein mixed with 200-250ml of water to start the recovery process for my muscles.

I am not a medical expert, nor do I hold any medical qualifications. I am currently studying to become a Personal Trainer (this includes Level 2 Gym and Level 3 PT) so anything shown in this series is based on my own personal opinions and experiences. I advise that you always see your GP before making any lifestyle changes.

What supplements do you take? Have you ever tried any of the above?

Emma x

Smashbox O Plump - My Secret Weapon

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Smashbox O Plump - My Secret Weapon
I’ve kept this a secret for some time now because I’m always worried, I’ll tell a few people and then it will sell out! But today I’m braving that scary aspect and letting you in on secret weapon in a tube all thanks to Smashbox.

This is the Smashbox O-Plump lip plumper gloss thing, basically it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in one little product! This little tube holds 10ml of the most clever lip plumper gloss you will ever behold; The O-Plump is an intuitive lip plumping gloss that applies clear to the lips, but instantly reacts with your own personal body chemistry to turn it’s self into a custom shade of pink whilst instantly plumping the lips up.

The gloss applies super easily from the tube and upon application it immediately smells minty and tingles all over the lips, I have a slight cooling sensation too. The plumper then starts to work on customising the colour to your lips, and whilst doing all these wonderful things to your lips it’s packed with Goji Berry-C Complex, Gingermint, Ginkgo Biloba, Pomergrate Seed Antioxidants, Marine Botanicals AND Avacado Oil, so you’re lips are getting a super intense nourishing treatment at the same time!

This little tube of witch craft is my secret to super plump juicy lips with tones of depth, plus you don’t have to faff with lip liners and mirrors for precise application, the product will only amplify the lips – even if you are doing it in the car on your way to dinner and smudge it half across your face. This product has been in my beauty bag since it was first launched and it has been a staple since! It’s the cheat’s way to the Kylie Jenner pout – all the effect but half the effort!!

Have you tried O-Plump? What’s your favourite plumping lip product?
Emma x

A Year in Review – 1st Birthday Giveaway NOW CLOSED

Sunday, 1 May 2016

A Year in Review – 1st Birthday Giveaway NOW CLOSED 
So todays the day, can you believe it’s been a whole year already! I can’t, no I mean I really can’t!! It was exactly a year ago today that I took it upon myself to grow a pair and do something I’d always wanted to do, start a blog; and what an adventure it has been so far. Already the blog has expanded and flourished on the love and positivity you guys give it, if that’s just reading the latest post, leaving a comment, sharing it on social medias’ you guys are the reason it is where it is today, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

With your love and support The Realist Review is slowly flourishing from a little idea in the back of my mind into this incredible platform in a tiny corner of the internet, that allows people from all over the world to interact, what could be more amazing?!

So, as a way to say thank you back for all the amazing support you have given I will be hosting a 1st Birthday Giveaway on the blog. This giveaway will be open to the UK only, as this is my first EVER giveaway and I’m not 100% on the ins and outs of international giveaways as of yet, but there will be international giveaways in the future!

In this giveaway you will have the chance of winning;
ASOS Mermaid Makeup Bag
NYXNude On Nude Natural Look Kit
Eylure Complete Starter Kits - Naturals No. 20
NARS Velvet Lip Liner - Anse Soleil
Daniel Sandler Micro-Bubble Lipstick - Micro Femme

To enter simply click on the link below and enter! It's that easy!! - THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED

GIVEAWAY WINNER! (Announced 09.05.2016 chosen radomly via Rafflecopter)

(This competition is ran through Rafflecopter but unfortunaley the widget would not load on this post, so clicking on the above link WILL take you to the giveaway)

1 winner will be chosen at random and will be chosen accordingly by Rafflecopter
The winner will be announced on 9th May 2016 and will be informed on Instagram by an announcement, via direct message, and also on the blog.
Deadline to enter is: 8th May 2016 so get entering!!!

This giveaway comes to a total of £60 worth of products!
This giveaway has been funded by my own money; I am not sponsored by any brands to host this giveaway.

So what are you waiting for? Get entering!!

Emma x