Lee Stafford My Big Fat Bouncy Brush

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Bouncy Brush
You’re probably looking at this and thinking exactly what I thought - well this looks erm um, interesting? Exactly. This looks like something I would use on my dog rather than myself due it’s very unusual design but it does really work! This Lee Stafford My Big Fat Bouncy brush smashed all my negative thoughts and opinions on it the minute I started using it.
This brush is amazing. It effortlessly creates volumes and adds big fat bouncy waves as you blow dry, and best of all it will NOT tangle in your hair! The vents allow the air to blow through and the bristles are antistatic helping to keep flyaway hair under control. For a big bouncy blow out with extra texture and movement at the ends, simply twist the brush round and down through your hair from roots to ends twisting as you dry.

I found this brush is also great for post gym showers, when I need to be quick but still not look like a poorly bathed poodle. It doesn’t create any frizz and gives me super smooth shiny locks. Plus thanks to this brushes design, I can easily create a sleek straight style or a wavy textured style simply by flicking my wrist the other direction, so no need to carry 3 different brushes around with me.

Have you tried this brush out? What are your top tips for voluminous hair?
Emma x

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  1. I haven't seen a brush like this before, it is so strange!!! I just found your blog and I love it! :)


    1. Isn't it just! All the strange products seem to work the best though.
      Thank you so much lovely! x