#ProjectForeverBody Summer Body Workout

Friday, 20 May 2016

Summer Body Workout - Cardio
I’ve found the perfect cardio workout to really get you sweaty or even sweatier during summer. Now this is a gym based workout but you can totally do this at home, just try adding sprints, hill walking or a hike in instead!! This workout will really make you feel the burn, sweat like there’s no tomorrow and help to promote fat burning (alongside a healthy balanced diet). This is a 40 minute workout but in small quantities… shall we begin?

If you want to up the intensity of this workout try adding some light ankle/wrist weights or upping the incline on the machines!
Take 5 minutes to do a warm up of your choice to wake those muscles up!

Get that whole body burn going! 10 Minutes at Level 3, GO

Toning those endless pins! 10 Minutes at Level 2, GO

Getting your heart rate up now! 10 Minutes at a 5% Incline at 5.2 Speed, GO

Let’s get some resistance in there to finish! 10 Minutes at Level 8, GO

Finish with a good 5 minute cool down of your choice and don’t forget to stretch!!!

End with some awesome stretches to bring your muscles back from the burn, here are some of my favourites!

Downward Dog                   Lunges

Upward Facing Dog            Torso Twist

Cat stretch

Will you be trying this workout? What's your favourite form of Cardio? 

Emma x

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