Top 15 Summer Holiday Tips

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Top 15 Summer Holiday Tips
Were coming into holiday season already! Which means everyone will be panicking about what to bring, where to go, who to go with etc. So today I'm giving you my TOP 15 travelling tips and tricks, that have always worked for me. 

1. Pack light, you don’t need to bring everything plus the kitchen sink.
2. Take a photo of your luggage, that way if it gets lost you can show people what it looks like.
3. Talk to the locals, the best way to find hidden gems on holiday is to go where the locals hide!
4. Bring a sun cream with bug repellent within, two birds one stone.
5. Use an in-shower After Sun body wash, you won’t feel sticky at night then.
6. Take a pillow spray, you might be unsettled on holiday so using something like a lavender spray in the room will help to ease you into sleep.
7. Take allergy relief medication, I’ve been caught out so many times.
8. Buy a tablet box, pop all your tablets into the box - you can find some on Amazon with days of the week, so you don’t lose track.
9. If it feels wrong, don’t do it! Trust your gut.
10. Try and do different activities, you only have to do it once to say you’ve done it.
11. Split your money up; don’t keep it all in a big wodge in your bag.
12. Bring a tiny box of laundry powder; you may need to rewash/wear that risky leg showing dress.
13. Only take 3 -4 pairs of shoes; 1 pair of Sandals, 1 pair of Evening shoes, 1 pair of flip flops and 1 pair of Trainers.
14. Use makeup with SPF in it, it’s a great way to cover up but protect against premature aging.
15. Avoid the sun from 12pm-3pm; it’s the hottest point of the day. 

Are you going on holiday soon? Where are you going?

Emma x

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