Sleek Barekissed Illuminator - Monaco

Monday, 13 June 2016

Sleek Barekissed Illuminator - Monaco
Hail the gods of the highlight world! This is the best drugstore liquid highlighter I have ever tried and I’m extraordinarily hard to impress when it comes to highlighters; it has to be super pigmented so you can see your cheekbones from space, aesthetically pleasing packaging, and most importantly it HAS to last come rain or shine, so just a few areas of the criteria to meet.
This is the Sleek Liquid Highlighter in Monaco and it is just beautiful. The consistency isn’t too runny that it slides off straight off the back of your hand, but it isn’t too thick that you feel like you’re slapping a dense moisturiser. It’s more of a serum consistency but glides strikingly onto the skin, and gives you the most luminous glow.
Monaco is more of a silvery/white colour in the bottle but with an iridescent pinky sheen when applied on the skin. I love applying this under my foundation when I want to look really healthy and have a glow to my skin, but I do enjoy using it equally as much over my foundation for a striking finish. When used under or on top of my foundation this highlighter never looks cakey or too subtle, but gives your skin those killer cheekbones every man and his dog wants.

The real test for me was whether this would last from 6am when I get up for work until 5pm when I get home from work, purely because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to keep applying makeup throughout the day. Once it’s on I expect it to stay on and oh my does it ever, I still had this ethereal glow at the end of the day; maybe not as strong as when I first applied it but it left a stunning finish to the skin.
Have you tried a liquid highlighter before? What's your favourite?

Emma x

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