Jewellery - Why I Mix my Metals

Friday, 1 July 2016

Jewellery - Why I Mix my Metals
I love contrast, whether that be in materials, or metals, or textures, or colours, I love defying the rules of fashion. It’s fun. For me, the best way to mix up my contrast is with the metals that I wear, it also means if you’re not super confident and don’t want to wear a pair of bright blue trousers with a bright red jumper, mixing metals is a more subtle but effective contrast.

My main daily metals are standard gold studs, I can’t wear Silver in my ears, a stainless steel and white ceramic TAG Heur watch, and my stainless steel nomination bracelet; These will always be the basis to every single look, there my staples. But some days I like to add things to them and mix it up, this can be from fabric pieces with metal accents, or bold metal pieces it just depends on the look I want to go for that particular day and how I want that outfit to look.

Rose Gold – I love the contrast of Rose gold to stainless steel, there’s something about it that is just so consistency on trend and effortless looking. So for those days where I want to look a bit more chic and put together looking, I’ll pair things like this ASOS double bar necklace with my Swarovski crystal pendant to bring the attention into the neck and also create a beautifully simple layering effect. Then I’ll had this Fossil rose gold bangle to the wrist with my Nomination on to create a clash, the bangle with create the simplicity and the Nomination will add the diversity thanks to the charms.
Silver – I don’t tend to wear Silver a great deal but when I do I like it to be super simple, so my pink pendant silver necklace will come out to play, followed by my Pandora feather ring and this for me is enough to create a statement. I will usually wear a super simple outfit so the eye is drawn into the silver accents.

Yellow Gold – I am an avid Yellow Gold wearer; I love it and think it’s just so effortlessly beautiful. So for days where I want a super luxurious looking gold day I’ll pair my gold bangle (18th birthday gift), or maybe some fashion jewellery with gold accents – like my starfish bracelet, my diamond ring (gifted by my Mum), and either something super simplistic like my gold heart and rope, or something really extravagant like this chunky fashion gold double chain.
So, whatever metal you prefer to wear don’t feel like you have to make it look conservative, be adventurous. Defy the rules and mix your metals, you’ll be surprised at what you can create.
What’s your favourite way to mix and match?

Emma x

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