IT Cosmetics Sunshine in a Compact with Brush

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

IT Cosmetics Sunshine in a Compact with Brush
The IT Cosmetics obsession continues … This is my new absolute favourite for faking that summer glow, and it doesn’t require fake tan!  You just need a compact the size of my head and a brush the size of my hand and you’re good to go.

This is the IT Cosmetics Sunshine in a Compact Vitality Anti-Aging Matte Bronzer and this bronzer is about as big as the span of my hand, it’s huge! This bronzer really gives you value for money as the size of the pan is similar to the size of the Este Lauder bronzers but this pan stretches edge to edge! And with the addition on the Mega Fat Fan Brush you can use this on your face and body without compromising on product usage!
The Sunshine in a Compact is bursting with anti-ageing ingredients to ensure it doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also giving your skin a youthful natural glow. The texture of the powder is buttery soft and thanks to how finely milled the powder is the pigmentation payoff is exquisite to see and feel. Using the Mega Fat Fan Brush you can effortlessly sweep this onto your face and create killer cheekbones or dust onto your body to enhance you’re skins radiance and silhouette.

The colouring of the bronzer is probably a little too orange toned for full on contouring but to warm up your skin or create a more defined bone structure, it is the perfect make up bag accompaniment. Now, let’s get onto the brush! As I purchased this as a set via QVC the bronzer came with the IT Cosmetics Mega Fat Fan Brush and oh my goodness, I would buy this for the brush alone! It has the most silky soft bristles I’ve ever felt and just glides across the skin. The size of the brush is as the name suggests, it is literally the size of my hand! It’s the best brush I’ve ever used for bronzing my face and body!
Have you ever used any IT Cosmetics products What do you think of the bronzer?
Emma x

Style Diaries – Finding My Style

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Style Inspiration – Finding My Style
I’ve seen so many hauls’ recently that my YouTube subscription box is flooding!  So I thought what better post to do than a post all on my style and fashion inspiration, but not in the way you would expect; I can’t describe ‘my style’ to save my life because I honestly feel like it’s such a mix so, instead I thought I would show you my style and inspiration behind it through a super pintrest-esk post. So sit back, get a notepad and re-discover your style! 

How do you describe your style? 

Emma x

At Home Ombre with Jerome Russell *

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

At Home Ombre with Jerome Russell *
I was recently fortunate enough to work with the amazing team at Mosquito and try out some of their Jerome Russell hair products! Now, although the products shown below have been sent to me this does not affect or twist my judgement of the products and their performance. So, let’s get onto the good stuff …

Today I’m trying out the Jerome Russell Maximum Ombre Kit, in Number 1. For ease of show I will not be colouring my own hair, I will be colouring a family member’s hair. This family member has incredibly thick, coarse and extremely long hair so it will be a huge test on the products to see if they can work with her hair!

Pre ombre we did dye her hair all over with a dark brown hair dye to ensure she had no roots and an even base, as prior to this she had purple ombre. I began by combing through the hair to ensure there were no knots or snagging when applying the products, I then sectioned off the hair for a more accurate application and to be able to blend the bleach out on the hair for a graduated effect. So following the instructions in the pack we mixed all the components together to create the ombre bleach, prior to dying the hair I applied the Blending Lotion to each section of hair and then applied the bleach. Now, from personal experience I applied the bleach to the ends of the hair first then graduated it up, this ensured that the ends where lighter and you got more of a graduated effect up the hair. I then used the small brush provided to add flickers of bleach higher than the ombre, so when she moves her hair it captures the light. I then continued doing this and sectioning/brushing each section before applying the Blending Lotion and bleach.
Overall colour post Ombre
After around 20 minutes or we decided that the bleach had taken enough and it was time to wash it off, at first glance with her head over the bath tub it needed toner and I wish this kit came with one as the ombre was very brassy but we persevered and used the Jerome Russell After Care Shampoo and Conditioner, which not only smelt divine it made her hair feel so conditioned and silky which is what you want after bleaching! We then proceeded to blow dry and straighten her hair.
During Ombre process
Post ombre, the blending looked flawless – if I do say so myself – I really do believe the blending lotion helped to create that effortless gradient in her hair but the brassiness was a bit of a let-down, maybe it was our colour choice but I do feel a toner even if it’s just a sachet should be included in the kit. The dye it’s self was super easy to use, the bleach didn’t strip her hair of hydration thanks to the infused avocado oil and after using the aftercare system it looks so shiny and felt luxurious. I think sectioning off the hair from bottom to top and getting someone else to do it does help the process and make it so much easier but from personal experience you can totally do this on your own too! I really am impressed with the overall quality of this kit and the after care products and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a super easy but professional looking ombre!

Have you tried any Jerome Russell products before? Will you be trying their new colours?!

Emma x

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer & Dual Brush

Sunday, 21 August 2016

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer & Dual Brush

The concealer and brush that everyone and their dog owns, yes I joined that gang and I am so glad I did! Until you use this product you can't begin to understand to the amazingness of this product. This is the IT Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer and Dual ended brush, and this is your new under eye wonder combination. 

The dual ended brush features a buffing end to help seamlessly blend out the concealer, and the flat end enables you to apply the concealer more precisely and evenly. As a loyal QVC fan this brush came with the concealer in a bundle but this brush is worth it for the quality alone. The bristles are luxuriously soft and feel incredible on your face, they don't pull or move the skin around the eyes either which can be a big contributor to premature ageing. 

Now, lets get into the concealer. This concealer is incredibly highly pigmented and also contains ingredients that diffuse the look of lines, wrinkles, discolouration, age spots, dark spots and redness. i've found that light layer of powder makes sure this concealer doesn't settle into the lines around the eyes.  This will be the most full coverage concealer you will ever buy and will also be the only concealer you use less than a pea sized amount and get a serious amount of product. As you can see from the swatches below I used a tiny amount of product and it blends out to near enough cover your whole face. 

Have you tried any IT Cosmetics products before? What's your favourite? 
Emma x

Getting Individual False Eyelash Extensions – My Experience

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Getting Individual False Eyelash Extensions – My Experience
I look up to these girls who can wear false strip eyelashes and look flawless, and those who manage to wear and remove them without ruining their own eyelashes but I have never been one of those girls. In fact, I’ve never worn anything fake like that on my eyes as I’ve been blessed with naturally long eyelashes, until I decided to try out Individual Eyelash Extensions for my most recent holiday.

Individual Eyelash Extensions are created by adhering a synthetic individual eyelash to each natural eyelash using a fine medical grade adhesive to bond the two together. They advise that once you’ve had these done you do not use any oil based products on your eyes, as this will loosen the eyelashes and reduce the longevity of them. So, pre-treatment I had naturally long eyelashes and I decided to get the extensions done to add volume and thickness, and also so I didn’t have to worry about mascara for a while on holiday. The treatment it’s self-took about 30-45 minutes and involved me lying flat on a bed with my beauty therapist applying the lashes, and was completely painless. The only discomfort I received was at the very end when the eyelash glue made my eyes sting and water for a few seconds then it was over, but my beauty therapist did explain this was completely normal and to be expected. As you can see from the first few photos below these are my lashes pre-treatment/with mascara and my lashes post-treatment, I asked for a more natural but fuller look, so we went with skinny and slightly shorter lashes.
Pre-treatment; Above with Mascara - Below no Mascara and Natural
Post-treatment - Eyelashes with Individual False Eyelash Extensions
These next photos are 2 going on 3 weeks post-treatment and this is with the use of some coconut oil as, I personally found that week 2 of these eyelashes extensions I couldn’t brush through them and they got clumpy and stuck together. So I researched and found that oils and oil based products will help to loosen them off, this did help to reduce the volume but didn't help with clumping. Until I saw a friend of mine who is a beautician and she used 2 cotton buds and oil and managed to seperate the clumps out for me.
She did tell me about her experience though; She had Individual False Eyelash Extensions just over a year ago now and had the same problems as myself, but when she went to try and remove the clumps she pulled the clump out and obivously pulled her natural lashes out at the same time due to the bond being there. It has since taken her until July this year to get her lashes back to a reasonably normal length and strength again, so if you do have clumps in your lashes ask a friend or family member to use cotton buds and an oily product to try and loosen them out for you. Please for the love of god, do not pull on them!!!!!

Would I get them done again? Maybe yes? I’m not sure, if there’s a treatment that only lasts a week then yes definitely but any longer and these really bother me. If you wear fake eyelashes most days anyway then these would be perfect for you, as you won't be pulling them off everyday and getting them refilled takes half the time! But for us non eyelash wearers, inbetween week 2/3 these do get annoying when you want to rub your eyes or itch because of the strength and the fact there synthetic they can irritate, so maybe try the temporary ones first then move into the semi permanent.

Have you ever had Individual False Eyelash Extensions? Would you recommend them?
Emma x

Spain by Instagram

Monday, 15 August 2016

Spain by Instagram
As some of you may know I recently jetted off to Costa Brava, Spain and so in true blogging style I thought the best way to give you an insight into the beautiful town of Tossa De Mar is via Instagram. And who can deny a good holiday Instagram snap!

All the info; We stayed at the San Eloy Apart Hotel in Costa Brava, about a 3 minute bus from Tossa De Mar. We booked our holiday via Thomson/First Choice and went all inclusive, which I'd highly recommend doing! 

Have you ever been to Spain? Where do you think I should fly too next? 
Emma x