Getting Individual False Eyelash Extensions – My Experience

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Getting Individual False Eyelash Extensions – My Experience
I look up to these girls who can wear false strip eyelashes and look flawless, and those who manage to wear and remove them without ruining their own eyelashes but I have never been one of those girls. In fact, I’ve never worn anything fake like that on my eyes as I’ve been blessed with naturally long eyelashes, until I decided to try out Individual Eyelash Extensions for my most recent holiday.

Individual Eyelash Extensions are created by adhering a synthetic individual eyelash to each natural eyelash using a fine medical grade adhesive to bond the two together. They advise that once you’ve had these done you do not use any oil based products on your eyes, as this will loosen the eyelashes and reduce the longevity of them. So, pre-treatment I had naturally long eyelashes and I decided to get the extensions done to add volume and thickness, and also so I didn’t have to worry about mascara for a while on holiday. The treatment it’s self-took about 30-45 minutes and involved me lying flat on a bed with my beauty therapist applying the lashes, and was completely painless. The only discomfort I received was at the very end when the eyelash glue made my eyes sting and water for a few seconds then it was over, but my beauty therapist did explain this was completely normal and to be expected. As you can see from the first few photos below these are my lashes pre-treatment/with mascara and my lashes post-treatment, I asked for a more natural but fuller look, so we went with skinny and slightly shorter lashes.
Pre-treatment; Above with Mascara - Below no Mascara and Natural
Post-treatment - Eyelashes with Individual False Eyelash Extensions
These next photos are 2 going on 3 weeks post-treatment and this is with the use of some coconut oil as, I personally found that week 2 of these eyelashes extensions I couldn’t brush through them and they got clumpy and stuck together. So I researched and found that oils and oil based products will help to loosen them off, this did help to reduce the volume but didn't help with clumping. Until I saw a friend of mine who is a beautician and she used 2 cotton buds and oil and managed to seperate the clumps out for me.
She did tell me about her experience though; She had Individual False Eyelash Extensions just over a year ago now and had the same problems as myself, but when she went to try and remove the clumps she pulled the clump out and obivously pulled her natural lashes out at the same time due to the bond being there. It has since taken her until July this year to get her lashes back to a reasonably normal length and strength again, so if you do have clumps in your lashes ask a friend or family member to use cotton buds and an oily product to try and loosen them out for you. Please for the love of god, do not pull on them!!!!!

Would I get them done again? Maybe yes? I’m not sure, if there’s a treatment that only lasts a week then yes definitely but any longer and these really bother me. If you wear fake eyelashes most days anyway then these would be perfect for you, as you won't be pulling them off everyday and getting them refilled takes half the time! But for us non eyelash wearers, inbetween week 2/3 these do get annoying when you want to rub your eyes or itch because of the strength and the fact there synthetic they can irritate, so maybe try the temporary ones first then move into the semi permanent.

Have you ever had Individual False Eyelash Extensions? Would you recommend them?
Emma x

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