How I Look After My Hair

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How I Look After My Hair
Today I wanted to touch down on an aspect of the a women’s life that every other on the earth is obsessed with, our hair. You look on Twitter/Instagram/Pintrest/YouTube/Forums nowadays somewhere within them there will be a whole section dedicated to hair; Hairstyles, Hair care routines, Hair tips, Hair care DIY’s, etc. because we’re all guilty of wanting the perfect flowing locks and that’s okay. So, let’s begin shall we?

1.     I wash my hair twice a week, every 3 days, so I’m not constantly stripping it of it’s natural oils.

2.     I only tend to use dry shampoo on day 3, sometimes on day 2 depending on the greasiness of my hair - consistent use of dry shampoo can cause damage to your scalp!

3.     I always use an oil from the OGX range when blow drying my hair, sometimes I’ll switch it up with my NUXE Dry Oil spray but I like to use that to finish.

4.     I use a Twist’N’Turban straight after the shower and keep it on for a good 20 minutes before blow drying, to reduce heat damage.

5.     I use a Tangle Teezer to get all the knots out when my hair is 60% dry and then finish it off with the Lee Stafford bouncy blow dry brush.

6.     I ALWAYS use a UV spray on my hair when wet to protect it from the sun, I have colour treated hair but I would always recommend using a heat/UV protectant.

7.     I try to let my hair air dry when possible, I’ll blow dry my roots as they get greasy if not dried properly then I’ll let the rest flow free.

8.     I never use the hottest setting on the hair dryer! I try to always use cold or just warm.

9.     I haven’t used straighteners for more than a 2 day period in 2 years, I let my hair do it’s own thing.

10.  I try to always be gentle with my hair, constant pulling and tugging will do nothing but make your scalp hurt and damage the folicles.

What are your favourtie hair products? What are your top tips for taking care of your hair?
Emma x

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