Sleek Cream Contour Kit - Light

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sleek Cream Contour Kit - Light 

When you decide to delve into the world of cream contouring your never as scared as the first moment you apply it to your face and oh my god, was I ever! Today we're having a good ol swatch of the Sleek Make Up Cream Contouring Kit! And my thoughts may just surprise you ..... 

So, I decided to pick this up in the colour range Light purely because Medium looked far too dark for my complexion and underlying skin tones. Now, the colour range for this palette is much lighter than I originally expected if your like me and have quite a warm complexion the colours will make beautiful highlight and contour shades but not necessarily bronzer shades. 

Oddly these creams swatch differently depending on what tool you use. Using my fingers to apply and blend, these creams moved and set perfectly, using an Real Techniques contour brush to apply and blend they applied so much more sparsely. And when applied with a flat concealer brush and blended out with a Real Techniques beauty sponge, didn't want to budge! So if your like me and not really a fan of using your fingers to blend then you may have some issues with this. The shades themselves are fab, the top 3 I've personally found make for stunning highlighters just between the concealer and contour, and the contour shades make for a perfect chiselled look depending on how deep or dramatic you want those cheekbones to be. 

I think for a drugstore palette this is a fab little bit of kit! For beginners this would be especially perfect and if your someone who is a cream worshiper then this may be your new cheaper friend! I'm still undecided whether I love this yet or not, I'll definitely be trying some higher end contour palettes to compare but am very impressed for such a cheap product! 

Have you tried this palette yet?

Emma x

How to Dress When Your Stressed

Monday, 24 October 2016

How to Dress When Your Stressed 

Stress, we've all experienced it and some of go through it every single day so why should your clothing be stressful? Today I'm going to put out my top tips for outfits that you can put together stress free every single day! 

Add a statement piece! Adding some big chunky necklace or some flowers to your denim will add some instant oomph to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or even a plain black dress! You'll have the instant wow factor and you can change the statement piece around every time you wear the outfit. 

Bored of your plain jane skirt? Adding a textured t-shirt of band tee will make it look super edgy and also jazz up that plain boring skirt, not only that you'll feel it will have a new lease of life and who cares if it doesn't match ... it's a stress free go to look! 

Want to look a bit more dressy but still be uber comfy? Adding some heeled sandals or some dressy loafers will instantly lift an outfit, no matter how casual and if your a fan of textured shoes then doing a plain all one colour outfit with popping shoes and accessories, will keep things easy to put together but also so chic! 

Personally, my top go to look is a pair of jeans a t-shirt. Now to style this is up a bit i'll add a open shirt, super big or colourful or even lots of little detailed pieces, next I'll add some bold lipstick and use my colourful accessories to counterbalance my plain jane simple style.

What are your top tips for stress free dressing? 

Emma x

How to Overcome Bloggers Block

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Overcome Bloggers Block 

Bloggers block or writers block is the bane of every publishers life, it stops you dead in your tracks and takes an age to get over it! So, today I thought we'd talk about what to do when it strikes and how to get re-inspired. It's okay to admit that you've lost inspiration, it happens to all of us and it's what makes us human. 

1. Have a browse; Browsing through other bloggers sites or websites that your interested in/what you blog about will allow you to get inspired by what others write. Not only that but photography is a great way to get inspired, visual inspiration is all around you!  

2. Make social media your bestie; Using Instagram/Twitter hashtags is a great way to find more images relating to your blog #Fashion #Inspo #Beauty Just type in what your interested in and you'll find so many photos and like minded people bursting with inspiration! 

3. Get out; Get out from under your desk and go to town. Grab a coffee and sit and watch the world go by, you'll be surprised at what behaviours, clothing, accessories, make up that people wear can make your brain start going into creativity overload. 

4. Google; If your anything like me and need inspiration literally thrown in your face, then Google will be your best friend. Using phrases like 'Beauty Bloggers Block' will bring you up with one thousand and one different blog post ideas and don't worry, we all need the help sometimes! 

5. Just write; Start writing what your passionate about and the words will flow! It could be anything from your favourite fitness moves to raising awareness of something you've experienced, you'll be surprised how much your readers will respond to it. 

6. Take a break; Walk away from your laptop, tablet, computer, phone and take a break from trying so hard. Your ideas will end up flooding to you when your super relaxed sat there with a cup of tea or doing something else, when your not stressing about writing the words will flow. 

What are your top tips for getting over bloggers block?

Emma x

Mavala Double Lash

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mavala Double Lash 

If you've read my post about getting eyelash extensions, you'll know they weren't the kindest to my lashes! So when I went on the hunt for something that wouldn't irritate my eyes and help my lashes to regrow/strengthen but also something that had lasting effects not a temporary overnight fix! 

Today I introduce you to the most powerful little bottle you'll ever find, Mavala Double Lash has made my lashes double what they once where. This stuff is cheap as chips and actually works! I've been using this since August 2016 and it's done wonders for my lashes, strengthening them, elongating them, thickening them and making them so much more fluttery too. Nowadays I only need a tiny bit of mascara to make them look like I'm wearing falsies because this stuff has done all the work for me. 

I use double lash in the evening, once I've double cleansed my skin and applied all my lotions and potions, I apply this to the lashes as you would like a mascara brushing it through root to tip and taking your time to ensure even coverage. I then close my eyes and work the brush from root to tip on the outer lashes to really get the product in there and working the cuticle, then the next morning I do my make up as normal; no post serum removal needed - err bonus. 

All of MAVALA’s products are formulated and manufactured in their scientific laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland and their nail polishes are formulated without:
  • Toluene
  • Camphor
  • Dibutyl phtalate
  • Colophane
  • Formaldehyde

What's your top tip for long fluttery lashes?

Emma x

Wanderlust; Top 10 Places to Travel Too

Monday, 10 October 2016

Wanderlust; Top 10 Places to Travel Too

Recently I've had a serious case of wanderlust and I want to travel to every corner of the earth and experience every culture out there, so today's post I wanted to let you in on my wanderlust and show you the top places I want travel too before I leave this earth ... 

1. Alaska 

2. Morocco 

3. Maldives

4. Canada 

5. Dubai 

6. Texas 

7. New York

8. Bali 

9. Bora Bora 

10. Ice Land 

Where do you want to travel too? 

Emma x

How to Get Organised for Christmas

Thursday, 6 October 2016

How to Get Organised for Christmas 

I know I said it, the C word ... And yes yes it's October but I cannot wait for Christmas! I'm a big child when it comes to Christmas and I cannot wait until I'm a home owner because it's going to look like Santa's grotto from the minute the calendar says December but today I wanted to talk about the lead up to Christmas and how to get organised for it, so when it comes down to it you can actually enjoy Christmas! 

WARNING - There will be a lot of the C word used in this post, so if your a bah humbug kind of person I suggest you stop reading now. 

1. Plan ahead! Yes yes it's only October but start now, even if that's just writing a list and organising money. Estimating how much to spend on each person will make your life so much easier because then budgeting will be so much easier! You could even put this into an Excel spreadsheet and just put in everything everyone wants with costs and it will be able to tell you the total amount. Who said Christmas had to be expensive? 

2. Don't know what to get the children in your life? The Argos book is your new best friend, it's easy to ask the children what they want but get an A3 sheet and sit down with them, and go through the Argos book cutting out everything they like from it, and when I say everything I mean everything! You'll have no Argos book left but making them show you there desires and sticking it to a big sheet gives you a visual aid of what to get them and gives them a visual behaviour influencer. Plus, you can add to it whenever! Your welcome. 

3. If your anything like me and just don't want to actually buy anything at actual Christmas, start buying now! It doesn't have to be expensive and it will honestly be more cost effective. I recently took a trip to Primark and got the children in my life there fluffy christmas PJ's, the start of a family members present (can't say who or what incase they read this!), and even a few bits for my partner because this way I can spread the cost and it won't cost the earth or stress me out!

4. Don't panic buy, I you think you haven't brought enough for someone get a box and start now. Buy lots of little, fun, gadgety, foodie, princess themed, dinosaur themed stocking fillers and then at least when it comes down to it you've got your stocking fillers sorted and your panic presents. 

5. Making sure you don't miss anyone off your christmas card list is the bane of my life, so sit down and start writing out family and friends names who you will be sending cards too. It'll make it easier to tick off in the long run and you can always adjust it as and when!

6. Buy back up presents, even if there just standard Boots gift sets you'll always have emergency presents for everyone so you'll never get caught out! 

7. Google will be your best friend when your stuck for ideas, if you literally put in keywords like 'Boys/Girls Christmas Ideas Innovative' it'll give you the biggest list on earth of sites that will have some of the best ideas for presents for your super hard to buy for family/friends, and you'll get top brownie points for being imaginative. 

8. Places like Primark/ASOS/NotOnTheHighStreet will become your best friends, you can vary from super pricey and impressive to super cheap and innovative but fun. 

So there you have it, my top tips on how to make Christmas not only cheaper but more organised and enjoyable! And just think of all the spare money you'll have to spend on Starbucks by December. 

What are your top Christmas tips? 

Emma x

Buckley, London - Collection

Monday, 3 October 2016

Buckley, London - Collection

Recently my partner in crime went on a lads holiday and brought back the most beautiful gift, duty free perks. So today I thought we'd take a look at the most stunning bracelet collection from Buckley, London. 

The collection comes presented in a simple classic box with all 3 bracelets inside, the classic logo printed on the front adds a simple glamour to the clean cut lines. Within the box there are 3 stunning bracelets; a silver rope with a small crystal heart, a classic gold rope and a classic rose gold rope bracelet. These 3 bracelets are stunning when layered together on the wrist or layered with other pieces of the same metal, the simple design on them allows them to add interest to a plain outfit or add depth and texture to a layered wrist. 

Now, personally these bracelets fit me with a finger gap between my wrist and the bracelet - I believe them to be a standard design size. They sit beautifully and comfterably on the wrist, with no pinching on any hairs or your skin. Personally, I love layering these with other bracelets of the same metal to add depth, dimension and texture to the wrist - Plus, it's a killer stack with a plain t-shirt.

Which one's your favourite? 

Emma x