How to Dress When Your Stressed

Monday, 24 October 2016

How to Dress When Your Stressed 

Stress, we've all experienced it and some of go through it every single day so why should your clothing be stressful? Today I'm going to put out my top tips for outfits that you can put together stress free every single day! 

Add a statement piece! Adding some big chunky necklace or some flowers to your denim will add some instant oomph to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or even a plain black dress! You'll have the instant wow factor and you can change the statement piece around every time you wear the outfit. 

Bored of your plain jane skirt? Adding a textured t-shirt of band tee will make it look super edgy and also jazz up that plain boring skirt, not only that you'll feel it will have a new lease of life and who cares if it doesn't match ... it's a stress free go to look! 

Want to look a bit more dressy but still be uber comfy? Adding some heeled sandals or some dressy loafers will instantly lift an outfit, no matter how casual and if your a fan of textured shoes then doing a plain all one colour outfit with popping shoes and accessories, will keep things easy to put together but also so chic! 

Personally, my top go to look is a pair of jeans a t-shirt. Now to style this is up a bit i'll add a open shirt, super big or colourful or even lots of little detailed pieces, next I'll add some bold lipstick and use my colourful accessories to counterbalance my plain jane simple style.

What are your top tips for stress free dressing? 

Emma x

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