Mavala Double Lash

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mavala Double Lash 

If you've read my post about getting eyelash extensions, you'll know they weren't the kindest to my lashes! So when I went on the hunt for something that wouldn't irritate my eyes and help my lashes to regrow/strengthen but also something that had lasting effects not a temporary overnight fix! 

Today I introduce you to the most powerful little bottle you'll ever find, Mavala Double Lash has made my lashes double what they once where. This stuff is cheap as chips and actually works! I've been using this since August 2016 and it's done wonders for my lashes, strengthening them, elongating them, thickening them and making them so much more fluttery too. Nowadays I only need a tiny bit of mascara to make them look like I'm wearing falsies because this stuff has done all the work for me. 

I use double lash in the evening, once I've double cleansed my skin and applied all my lotions and potions, I apply this to the lashes as you would like a mascara brushing it through root to tip and taking your time to ensure even coverage. I then close my eyes and work the brush from root to tip on the outer lashes to really get the product in there and working the cuticle, then the next morning I do my make up as normal; no post serum removal needed - err bonus. 

All of MAVALA’s products are formulated and manufactured in their scientific laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland and their nail polishes are formulated without:
  • Toluene
  • Camphor
  • Dibutyl phtalate
  • Colophane
  • Formaldehyde

What's your top tip for long fluttery lashes?

Emma x

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