*KISSBOBO | Finding the Perfect Bra

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

*KISSBOBO | Finding the Perfect Bra

Finding the perfect stick on bra that WORKS is a mission, and I hear you ladies you don't want to buying tones of different ones and trying them out because it takes too long and costs too much! Well, today I am introducing you to your new favourite. 

This is the strapless stick on bra from KISSBOBO and it will be the only bra you ever need for that perky boobed look. This bra comes as two separates and sticks onto your boobs thanks to the stick on backing on the bra, the ends of both cups has a small clear clasp to be joined together once on the boobs and this is what creates the desired amount of cleavage in the chest. After each use it's super important to wear and wash your bra following the care instructions. 

KISSBOBO was created in 2005, with the most professional R&D and production technology, they designed a new generation of silicone push up invisible bras to cover the multiple demands of women around the world. This bra constantly improve confidence of the modern feminine with sexy cleavage line. And the bras are the ideal for low plunge necklines, sheer clothes, off shoulder dress, halter, strapless tops, tank tops, evening gowns, low-cut outfits and wedding dresses without back-buckle. 

So, the bra on show; The first image (the below image) is a plain satin top from New Look with a normal nude push up bra underneath. As you can see you can see my bra straps straight off, not cool, you can see the cups' rim shadowing though the top and there isn't really much boob lifting going on. 
The second image (the last image) is the plain satin top from New Look with the KISSBOBO stick on bra, and instantly you can see the boobage going on. The top just skims the bra showing no visible lines and no edges are sticking out, the bra creates a nice cleavage which can be tailored to each and every person. So depending on how much boobage you want on the day you can create a natural full look or you can do a more enhanced plumper look, depending on your requirements and your needs. This bra does stay on for a good amount of time too! The longest I've worn this bra for is 4-5 hours and I didn't need to readjust the bra or restick/apply the bra, it was comfterable and no one noticed it! 

Have you ever tried a stick on bra? What's your most embarrassing stick on bra moment?

Emma x

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