Let's Talk About You

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Let's Talk About You 

Today’s post is going to be a very personal post, I wanted to talk about self-confidence in ourselves, feeling good and feeling good about how we look. 

I feel that as a society we shun self-confidence when it’s shown and call it egotistical but promote it when it’s not and that’s why we’re so afraid of showing it.

I took a photo the other day, I took a selfie and I looked at it scrutinised it as you do and I can happily and honestly say that I was proud of it and happy with it. I was happy to look at myself and I couldn’t find any imperfections in myself because I am happy with myself, many people may think that’s me being self-absorbed and full of myself but that’s where the line between self-confidence is so narrow. I was happy to look at myself with no imperfections because I love my imperfections, I love them because they make me unique, no one on this earth will have an imperfection like me and that’s incredible, so in turn that makes me feel incredible.  

I haven’t been to the gym properly in 2 months and I still good about my body because I’ve learned to love my body at it’s lowest point so when it’s at it’s greatest point it feels empowered. I feel empowered. It’s fine to look on social medias’ and compare yourself but remember your body is incredible because it’s yours and it can and will achieve any goal you set it because it wants to show you what your capable of. 

So remember if you feel strong, you feel beautiful, if you feel empowered don't hide it away to be afraid to show off your self confidence because it's beautiful! 

                       What makes you feel?

                                      Emma x

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