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Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Realist Review Routine Update  

Today's post is going to be more of an update than a post as such. I've been making little tweaks across the blog, some you may have noticed some you may have not but they've been made and they've been made to enhance the blog. 

So after taking to Twitters' poll button and getting your opinions, I've decided to give you guys more consistency and something to look forward too! So from now on all blog posts will be published on Mondays and Thursdays - Mondays because we all need a bit of cheering up and Thursdays because it will hopefully get you over that pre Friday slump. Routine and consistency is key to blogging and after a year and a half of posting every 3 days, I feel like were ready to take the transition to a more structured publishing routine. 

A new post will be published every Monday & Thursday! 

Are you happy with the new change? 

Emma x

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