The Pre-Christmas Pamper

Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Pre-Christmas Pamper  

Okay, so it's basically Christmas and you've obviously not finished rushing around like a headless chicken just yet so today we're going to talk about how to get yourself all chilled and relaxed ready to enjoy the 5am wake up call on Christmas morning, and I don't care how old you are everyone wakes up early on Christmas. 

- Have a bath; Having a bath and taking 5 minutes to yourself is sometimes all you need! So get your favourite book, or pop a video up on your tablet or even just have a glass of bubbly and relax. This is your you time and you should be bathing appreciating everything you've done for that Christmas prep. 

- Take your time; Get your skincare out, lay it all out in front of you and just take some time to do your skincare routine. Really massage that moisturiser in, gently dab that eye cream in and really give your skin a good massage to help it absorb all the products and lotions. 

- Get your favourite film on; Sounds silly and simple but grabbing a good old cuppa with your favourite film in bed, having an early night will do wonders for your body clock and really help to recharge your batteries. 

- Do some exercise: Yoga or Pilates is preferable and you can find tones of videos on YouTube instructing you on how to do it correctly and safely, and honestly it will completely chill you out and reset your mind and body. 

 - Last minute wrapping; Get your bestie round, girls and guys, and get the bubbles out! Or get a takeaway round and just take your time wrapping presents. Chill out and don't stress over it, it's much more fun to do with a friend!

What are your top pre-Christmas tips?

Emma x

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