My New Healthy Breakfast | Gymstop UK *

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My New Healthy Breakfast | Gymstop UK *

I was recently sent a whole host of goodies curtsey of Gymstop UK, ranging from a whole host of products available on the site. So today I wanted to give you a little insight into the brand and my current favourite - macro friendly - breakfast! How do you like your eggs in the morning? 

Starting your morning off with water is such an amazing way to start kick start your body and your metabolism and keeping hydrated throughout the day will aid your mental and physical health so much! It's also one of the biggest keys to weight loss as you don't tend to feel hungry when your hydrated, so having my PHD Nutrition 2.2 Ltr Water Jug on me throughout the day enables me to keep hydrated and track my progress. Just one of these jugs daily will really help you start to see a difference in your body. 

Gymstop UK started back in 2016 when their eBay store opened up and started to evolve into the huge business they are today. They started selling basic stringers and now cater for huge brands like PHD Nutrition, 6 Pack Fitness, USN, Quest Nutrition, Walden Farms to name but a few! The brand was created to bring the best of these brands at affordable prices to the customers and this also makes having a healthy lifestyle much more affordable and sustainable! 

Lets get into the good stuff, breakfast! The most important meal of the day (in my humble opinion) and it can also be the most healthy when you make the right choices! And if your tracking your macros but are like me and don't want to miss the good things in life this recipe tastes amazing! I use 1 Cup of Dr Zak's Barn Fed Liquid Egg Whites to one whole egg, yes this does include the yolk, and mix it all up in a frying pan with a little bit of butter or coconut oil to make the lightest but most filling scrambled eggs. Adding a side of asparagus and some Slender Chef Ketchup to the eggs make the taste incredible! Plus with the Ketchup having 0g Sugar & 0g Fat and being only 1 KCAL per serving, you don't have too worry about indulging! 

Next up is coffee, and I'm weird with this ... I only like cold iced coffee. So grabbing 1 cup of ice or ice cubes, add one cup of freshly brewed coffee and to get the taste going on I've really enjoyed using the Walden Farms Coffee Creamer in Hazelnut. And as with all products from Walden Farm this little creamer is Sugar/Carb/Fat/Gluten Free which makes it ridicously macro friendly to those of you tracking and also more enjoyable for a wider audience with health complications! 

How do you like your coffee in the morning? 

Emma x

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