My Reverse Bucket List

Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Reverse Bucket List 

So everyone has a bucket list and yeah that's pretty cool but today I wanted to show you my reverse bucket list, a list of all the pretty cool things I've done already and the things I thought I would never have been able to do. 

I'm overcoming Anxiety / PTSD / Depression every single day, not something you have on your bucket list but it's a fear and I'm overcoming it and that's pretty cool. 

I've changed a life, for the better. 

When I was 7 I climbed a mountain (FACT). 

I've weathered a severe thunderstorm in a tent at the bottom of a hill, not the wisest idea. 
I've passed my driving test .... pure fluke. 

I've driven a speed boat around the greek islands of Zante. 

I've swam with wild turtles on the greek coast. 

I've fed a wild deer by hand ... and my fingers lived to tell the tale. 
I've road a horse on the Kalamaki / Laganas beach. 

I've survived a horrid crime that involved my partner, and it's made us stronger than ever. 

I am visiting all of the cities in England/Scotland, slowly but surely wins the race!

What's on your reverse bucket list? 

Emma x

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