The Secrets Every Brave Woman Needs to Know

Monday, 27 March 2017

The Secrets Every Brave Woman Needs to Know 

Today I wanted to let you all in on the secrets that every brave woman needs to know and how you can apply them to daily life. We all are braver and stronger than we realise but sometimes it's nice to know the insider tricks. 

Dive Right In ... Take the leap, be observant and rely on others to help you stay on track and achieve your goals. Remember, mistakes are fun so even if you make on it's no biggie. 

Mistakes Are Funny ... Rather than letting a wrong turn discourage you, let it energize and invigorate you. Hooray, you’ve learned from your error and are now on the right track. 

Don't Take Yourself too Seriously ... Critical reviews can be used positively, thank the person who gives you there review and then shake it off! 

Ask for What You Want ... Instead of worrying about what people might say when you tell them you’re quitting your job to open your own boutique, know it’s all a part of the journey. Brush off the naysayers and just keep crushing.

Try Everything Once ... Whether it's taking a boxing class or going bare back horse riding, women who take risks are incredibly open minded. Don't let fear stop you, ever. 
Always Show Up ... Fearless doesn't mean not being scared, it means acknowledging the fear and then doing it anyway. 
Emma x


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