Spring Clean | Revamping You

Monday, 3 April 2017

Spring Clean | Revamping You 

Spring has officially sprung and I bet a lot of you are like me and have been doing the whole spring cleaning and throw out of everything in your way, and if some of you may even be wanting to go through your wardrobes and revamp yourself. Well today that's exactly what we're doing! I'm going to talk you through how I've revamped myself for spring and how getting my new job has made me want to grow up and get my business gear on. 

You need to be ruthless!! If you haven't worn it in a couple of months, out it goes ... no joke. 

Look at what you already have and try to work out 2-3 outfits from a couple of pieces, this will not only make it easier when it comes to getting dressed in the morning but you can start to piece together your style. 

Take photos of your outfits and use them as reference for days when you just don't know what to wear, and trust me this tip works a lot better than you realise!

Don't be afraid to use accessories to make an outfit, if you want to wear a plain t-shirt and trousers do it just use a bold necklace or some big earrings to really accentuate the outfit. 

If your shopping for new pieces, don't buy what you already have! If you like wearing patterned vests don't buy even more. Switch it up, try adding some blouses or shirts to add some variety. 

Try to steer clear of tricky patterns or super mixed colours, it'll be much harder to try and stick a quick outfit together if you have to consider all these different things. 

Good trousers are so key to outfits! Investing a little bit more into good quality trousers, skirts or dressers can impact your outfit in so many ways. Good tailoring is everything!

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