TMI | Lets Talk Period Hacks

Monday, 24 July 2017

TMI | Lets Talk Period Hacks 

Today I wanted to talk TMI and talk about periods ... I know it's a real tough topic for teenagers especially and some adults still feel uncomfterable talking about it but I feel once your happy in yourself then the confidence to talk about things like this will come! Today we're going to go through all the period hacks I've learnt and all the things you can do to make your period more comfterable. 

Using little cosmetic bags to put your period tools in will help to keep them discrete and all in one place. 

Keeping a small pack of Femfresh wipes when your out all day will help you to feel clean and fresh downstairs when on the go!! And using a wash like Femfresh when showering will really help to maintain your PH levels. 

Start a pre-period regimen: There’s not much you can do to relieve cramps or heavy bleeding once your period starts. So to avoid popping pain killers, prevention is key so drinking at least a litre of water a day will help to flush it through. 

Wearing bikini bottoms when on your period will be your life saver if you leak, there so much easier to wash out!! 

Curb your vices: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but caffeine, alcohol, excess salt, and fatty foods and can all make your period symptoms worse. Resisting your cravings can actually help to stave off cramps and bloating. If you can’t survive without your morning cup of joe, make it a half-caf and try to hold off until mid-day on the crampiest day of your period.

Making sure you move around enough will really aid the cramps disappearance, making sure you do some gentle exercise every will help you to move them cramps and pains out of there. 

Sleep it off: If none of this is working for you, go ahead and sleep it off. It’s not just you… it’s scientifically proven that you’re more tired during your period – increases in progesterone levels that occur in the second half of your cycle actually do make you more sleepy.

What are your top period tips? 

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