Instore Shopping | 5 Stress Free Tips

Monday, 25 September 2017

Instore Shopping | 5 Stress Free Tips

In store shopping can be stressful but it becomes even more stressful when you get stressed out! So today I'm going to give you all the top tips for your stress free shopping days. 
Wear loose clothing! Don't get fussy hard to put on things, go for easy loose and fling on items. 

Go alone, might sound hard but honestly going with what your gut says works for you will honestly make life so much easier. 

Wear make up? Always do your hair? Put a bit of extra effort in on shopping days, you'll be able to see what the outfits look like when your  a bit more extra. 

Go with neutral no show VPL underwear, allows your clothes to skim your body and gives you the truest fit. 

Plan your budget, there's nothing worse than half way through your shopping trip realising you've ran out of money. Plan out how much you'll spend for every couple of hours! 

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