Saturday, 23 May 2015


Now when I want a new bag, I want something a bit more timeless so I get the wear out of it, something neutrally toned to go with everything, a decent size to accommodate all my junk, and always something with some form of zip, press stud or drawstring closure to ensure security and then I found this. This is the SnakeFlat PU Clutch Bag from Accessorize, now something with a snake print is not something I usually go for with bags but the design of this bag makes the print so subtle that you only really pick up that the print is snake when you look closely.


The bag features a gold zip length ways across the bag, with gold detailing alongside the snake print is in a dusty light pink colour. You have a few options with the way this bag can be worn; you can either use it as a clutch bag with no wrist strap, or as a clutch bag with the wrist strap and also across the body thanks to the additional longer strap.

Both the wrist strap and additional longer strap have gold detailing to tie in with the zip. The wrist strap attaches to a small gold loop on the side of the bag with a gold clip on fastener, so you can hold the bag but with extra security of having the strap around your wrist.

The additional longer strap gives you the option to wear the bag on the shoulder or, as I prefer, across the body. The strap also has the same gold clip on fastener feature as the wrist strap but has additional detail just above the gold loops on the bag of the bag with gold links going up from the fastener to the strap to add extra detailing.

I love this bag for it’s simplistic design but also can make an outfit like you that bit more effort into it simply by turning it into a clutch bag. The only downside to this bag is that due to the width of the bag it can look quite bulky if too much is inside it but if you’re willing too overlook that tiny issue then this is the perfect light Spring/Summer bag, which will be accompanying me on many Summer evenings.

Emma x

 I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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