My Top 5 Inspirations

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Top 5 Inspirations

Ever since I discovered the world of Blogging and YouTube I have found some real inspirations, these are the Bloggers and/or YouTubers that have inspired me to create a blog and share my experiences. These are the people I aspire to be, whether it be to have the same writing style as Lydia Elise Millen, or to be able to portray myself like Claire Marshall, or even to have the same positivity as Tanya Burr. These are my top 5 most inspirational Bloggers and/or YouTubers.

Lydia EliseMillen (Fitness / Fashion / Lifestyle)

My fitness inspiration! Lydia Elise Millen has an incredibly successful blog, and now has a You Tube channel! Lydia’s blog is based around Health, Fitness and Beauty, which is what attracted me to it. Lydia’s posts are generally based around outfits/beauty but more heavily based on health and fitness. Her posts are great for motivation for fitness (I mean just look at her, she’s amazing!) but also have some fantastic recipes for healthy alternatives for your favourites food or drinks. One of my favourite posts on Lydia’s blog so far is one of her latest one’s on Body Confidence.


Hey Claire (MakeUp / Beauty / Hair)

Claire Marshall was my first YouTube obsessions; she was the first YouTuber I subscribed too because of how down to earth she was about everything but also because of her video editing. Claire’s videos are very clean and witty but fantastically moulded together (even her vlogs). Claire is a qualified make-up artist so focuses more so around Make Up, Beauty and Hair, but when giving reviews into products she can give the most in-depth review in the shortest amount of time. Claire’s videos are like nothing else I have seen on YouTube and this is why she is one of my all-time favourites. She also has a continuing collaboration with Shop Market and designs her own jewellery.

Amelia Liana (Beauty / Hair / Skincare)

Amelia Liana is a YouTuber/Blogger with the most querky and funny videos I have seen. She can make a huge mistake in her wording in a video and just make something funny out of it, she gives an amazing talk through when doing make up or skincare routines/get ready with me whilst giving really in-depth detail into the products. Amelia is always putting up videos or vlogs about her experiences in London, so you get a real insight into the world of beauty and what happens in a launch party, or behind the scenes of photo shoot.


Alexandrea Garza (Make Up / Skincare / Clothing)

Alexandrea is one of my favourite YouTubers based in America, she is a qualified Beauty in the beauty industry and has the most amazing wardrobe (I mean if I could have her whole wardrobe I would). She bases her videos more so on makeup, skincare and clothing, showcasing some of the most beautiful clothing and teaching the makeup tips and tricks they don’t tell you in store. 

Tanya Burr (Lifestyle / Make Up / Skincare / Hair)

My inspiration to positivity, Tanya Burr is one of my inspirational YouTubers for positivity. In every video/vlog Tanya uploads she is always full of positivity and just has such an upbeat way about her. Her videos are more so based around make up, skincare and hair but her vlogs are more so based on her lifestyle. In both she always gives a detailed review of a product she’s used or if she’s going to use what she hopes or expects it work like. When reviewing a product that she doesn’t like or didn’t work for her Tanya always says why it didn’t work for her and what could be adjusted to make it work for her, but even when doing so she is never negative. Tanya’s positivity is what inspires me to live a more positive life.
Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above Bloggers/YouTubers, all opinions on theseBloggers/YouTubers are based on my own personal experiences.

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