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Monday, 18 May 2015

When I first started the gym I wish I knew more about it. I mean, I knew the basics what equipment did what, how to get results from each piece of equipment, how to get in and out of the gym etc. but I didn’t know anything about the essentials (or what I believe to be the essential knowledge).

I really do not believe this emphasized enough in the gym or in day to day life. Fluids are what keep you alive and healthy!! Our brains are 80% water and if we don’t hydrate our bodies properly we are basically starving our brain of the proper hydration. There has been too many times when I have been at the gym or at work or in town and actually felt my body overheating because I wasn’t drinking enough fluids.

Ideally you should be drinking water as it’s the best form of hydration and does no harm to your body, but if you really don’t like water try adding a bit less squash than normal to your water and eventually you’ll be able to add less and less until you won’t need any at all.

I use the Bobble Bottle (Larger size during the week) to stay hydrated as it has a replaceable filter, which filters the water as you drink it so you have clean water on the go - They are available in many different colours and two different sizes.

Having enough energy is vital when working out at the gym or at home, it ensures that you can not only give it your best shot but you won’t be damaging your body in the process. You should always try to make sure you eat 90 minutes before working out to ensure that you have provided your body with enough nutrients and energy to keep you going. As a general rule you should always try to eat a meal high in protein within 2 hours after a workout – So Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner meal high in protein or a protein shake as this will help aid muscle recovery after your workout.

Weights are always associated with body builders or people who want to get super muscles…not the case. I use weights in 80% of my workouts now, with the other 20% being cardio, they are great at helping to create muscle definition, without looking like the incredible hulk, and helping to build up your strength. My personal advice would be always start at the lowest weight as you can build up, if you walk in and try to do bicep curls with 10KG you will not only be putting yourself at risk by not being able to handle the weight, but others around you if you drop it. Starting off at around 1 / 2.5KG is always a nice weight that you can feel but won’t strain your muscles, once you can do this weight easily start to gently increase it as this will also help you to tone up any areas that you have lost weight from.
Remember muscle weighs more than fat!

One thing I think should be a compulsory rule when working out is to always stretch before AND after a workout, stretching before a workout ensures that you are preparing and warming your muscles ready to be used and stretching after a workout helps aid muscle recovery as you are helping them relax and cool down.

One thing I have found and wish I was told when I started was that the right shoes make a difference. If you’re going for a run but are wearing flat gym shoes this will affect your running and your feet as you are not giving your feet enough support. Any sports shop will be able to advise you on the best shoes for your activities so they are fit for purpose. I am currently wearing the Nike Roshe One in Light Bone (UK Size 6) as they are perfect for walking and have enough lower foot support and cushioning for me to feel the difference.

Emma x

I am not a qualified fitness instructor nor do I have any training in the fitness industry. These are my own personal opinions/experiences based on research and knowledge; the essentials stated above are what I have found to work for me.

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