Bare Minerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bare Minerals Pure Brightening Serum Foundation 

After posting a photo on Instagram I found that a few people asked on my social medias’ what I thought about this foundation and if it was any good. So naturally I knew it needed a review to give a better insight into my thoughts about it. (Twitter & Instagram @realist_review)
Now near enough all of the Bare Minerals products have SPF in them, which I find brilliant if I forget to apply some form of sun protection one day. This Pure Brightening Serum Foundation is no exception and contains SPF 20! I have this in Medium Beige and find that if you start with 1 and bit drops as your base, it’s easier to build on as you get just enough coverage if you want a more natural look, and you don’t apply too much in one go.

This is a liquid foundation and can come out a bit fast if you’re not careful, I tend to add my drops straight to a brush or the back of my hand then blend, blend, blend. I find this foundation just glides on seamlessly, and (I’ve found) this can be used in conjunction with a bit of moisturizer if you don’t want to wear tones of makeup. You will not get cakey from this serum foundation; no matter how much you build as long as you blend you get an even smooth finish. Plus it has fantastic lasting power!
I like to apply this mainly to my T-Zone as this is where my skin is most oily, so the centre of my forehead /my nose and my chin. This doesn’t clog my pores of irritate areas of my skin that are more sensitive / problem areas, plus it won’t budge throughout the day when you’re running about at work, exposed to the elements or taking the kids here there and everywhere. With this being a serum foundation you don’t feel like anything’s on your skin, which for me is a must.
Emma x

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