Time in Portugal - July 2015

Monday, 17 August 2015

Time in Portugal - July 2015
I recently went to Portugal with my partner, as my 21st birthday present off him, this holiday was a surprise destination to myself until the day we departed and it was the best surprise ever.  I want to give you guys an insight into Portugal and the places we visited, so for those of you are thinking about going may want to take inspiration.

Colina Dos Mouros, Silves, Algarve, Portugal
We flew from Birmingham International Airport and landed in Portugal on time, from there we got on our transfer which whisked us off to the hotel which was lovely, Colina Dos Mouros in Silves.  We had a room which overlooked the town and the castle ruins and also a bit of the pool below. Our hotel was based in Silves which is a small town about a 20minute or so taxi ride from Albufeira (50 Euro return - the main town), this little town is predominately restaurants and more older people reside here but it was beautiful and quite.

For my 21st birthday we went up to the Castle of Silves and paid 5 euros each to enter the castle which had a feature night on, this included a famous Portuguese musician and belly dancers, free massages’ and complimentary black figs. These feature nights only happen for a limited period of time in the summer months and happen every Thursday.

The Castle of Silves is a castle in the civil parish of Silves in the municipality of Silves in the Portuguese Algarve. Built between the 8th and 13th century, the castle is one of the best preserved of the Moorish fortifications in Portugal, the most important Moorish fortification resulting in its classification as a National Monument in 1910"

As well as being a short taxi ride to the main town, we also experienced Slide and Splash – an extremely popular water park in Portugal which was brilliant fun and really beat the heat. There are numerous different rides and they all cater for everyone’s different preferences. There are deeper pools or shallower ones, a children’s area, Jacuzzi, large swimming pool, the list could go on.

ZooMarine is almost like a zoo but for aquatic animals, at ZooMarine they promote knowledge, preservation and environmental education in a fun and passionate manner. They try to transport adults and children to a world of dream and fantasy, by creating unique emotions and moments that touch heart and awaken minds. My moment was when I was able to get one step closer to my dream of swimming with dolphins, I had the opportunity along with a few others to touch a dolphin and have a photo with one, which will be an unforgettable experience.

Albufeira is the main ‘strip’ in Portugal as it houses all the shops, bars, clubs etc and a beautifully stunning beach, it can get extremely noisy and busy so make sure your belongings are close to you when you go. Not only does Portugal show you it’s more westernised and busy side it also shows your it’s heritage and in keeping with it’s heritage you will often see the incredibly clean streets in the most amazing patterns, with some of the original tiled walls too!


Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above places or experiences, all opinions on these places are based on my own experiences.

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