Been a While Hasn’t It?

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Been a While Hasn’t It?

Honestly, ask yourself when was the last time you just did something because it makes you happy, not because you have to do it for work, or because you want to include it in a YouTube video, or because your looking after a child, just something completely selfish and for you. Been a while hasn’t it? I’ll admit it I’m not selfish enough and that’s okay to say, I think in today’s world we are so focused on helping other people, which is awesome, and helping other people help themselves that we don’t think about ourselves and what truly makes us happy.

I am so focused on helping other people, making sure the blog is interesting for you beautiful people, making sure I’m putting away savings for the future, making sure I push other people to reach their goals that sometimes I just sit down for a split second and think when was the last time I went to my happy place? My happy place is a little seaside town in Norfolk, it’s small and the it never changes (apart from there now being a Costa, bonus) but that’s what I like about it. The seaside is my second home and if I could live in my happy place I would leap at the opportunity, but things like money and stability seem to keep getting in the way. 

Myself and my partner recently went to my happy place for the weekend with his younger sister as a surprise birthday present (organising a surprise for a 7 year old is hard work; they try to look for clues!) so when she realised that we were at the seaside she jumped out of the car and made a bee line for the beach bucket and spade in hand, not having a care in the world. This trip was her time to get away from everything, everyone and the normality of life, her time to just be a child and get ice cream all down her new clothes and coat, get sand stuck in every single crevice of her clothing, scream at the top of her lungs at the fun fair and feel a bit sick after eating a lot of cotton candy.


I truly believe that adults don’t take enough time out and relive their childhood, and nor are children allowed to be a true children anymore. That’s why even though this trip was for her to be re-introduced to her happy place where if something goes wrong we laugh it off, or if she falls in the sea we just laugh call her clumsy legs and change her into some dry clothes it was also for us, to turn our phones off, ignore the world and just focus on the moment.

If you want to do one spontaneous thing before the year is out, please take your kids, or your family, or even go on your own, just go to your happy place and live.

Emma x

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