Benefit - Primping With The Stars

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Benefit - Primping With The Stars

I’ve never tried Benefit products before but have seen so much about them, well everywhere! It’s like they’re taking over the world. So when at Birmingham Airport, one must take advantage of one’s duty free shops, and that’s when I stumbled across this little set from Benefit. Everything is so mini!! You get the perfect trial size of all their best sellers, so you’re not waiting until it’s finished but you’re not using it super sparingly either. Plus I find minis' are the best way to try a new product, or brand without commiting.

Girl Meets Pearl (Highlighter)
This seemed a bit woah-scary at first because of how pink the highlighter is but once blended it’s phenomenal; a little really goes a long way. This highlighter is a golden/pink creamy liquid that glides on the skin and is super easy to blend without going sticky; with pearlescent undertones it gives you a glow from within and killer cheekbones. It’s super pigmented so you don’t need to use much at all and lasts all day, I wear mine from 6:15am when I do my make up for work right until 5:30pm when I get home and get to take my make up off, it even sticks around after working out after work!!!!

The POREfessional (Primer)
The POREfessional has made my skin looks flawless, my pores look tinie tiny and my fine lines around the eyes look smoother when I use this miracle worker. It blends translucent and is oil free so stay all day make up can happen, it’s lightweight and almost feels like a balm when you’re rubbing it in. It also contains Vitamin E derivative, which is known to protect the skin from free radicals that you can get in everyday life. My make-up lasts so so long with this stuff and knowing that it’s doing good for my skin is an added bonus.

Benetint (Lip & Cheek Tint)
I’m not usually a fan of lip and cheek tints because I sometimes find them too translucent and less pigmented but this stuff is something else, it’s not super pigmented but not completely see through. It gives a lovely rose tinted stain to the lips and cheeks without looking too pinky, plus because it’s a stain you can add another lip colour on top or forget about it for hours and it’ll still be there hanging on. I’ve found with most tints that there’s a lot of bleed through on the lips when they get a bit dry but this stuff has no bleed through and doesn’t make my lips dry, which was super weird but a god send.

They’re Real (Mascara)
I have seen so much hype behind this mascara and never really gave in because usually it’s a disappointment but this stuff lives up to the hype. I found my lashes where longer, thicker and much bolder and they didn’t go dry and/or crispy! This mascara will really lift and separate your lashes for a more dramatic look, perfect for those nights out or swanky dinners. I have this in the colour black but there are other colours available if you fancied being even bolder. There was no top lash transfer when it was wet and it is easily buildable so you can fake false lashes, plus it came off super easy with my Emma Hardie cleansing balm – I will definitely be buying the full size of this.
Some-Kinda-Gorgeous (Foundation)
I genuinely had no idea what this stuff was when I first opened it and thought maybe it’s a cream bronzer or concealer? Possibly? NO! This stuff is a liquid compact, pause for dramatic gasp, I have never heard of a liquid compact before in my life so you can imagine my sceptical thinking with this one.  It’s such a strange product but like nothing I have ever come across before, I apply this from the pot onto my face with my fingers and it’s a beautifully silky texture but when I use my brush to blend it out, it turns into this powder that just sweeps around face so effortlessly. It gives a really even medium coverage and has impressed me beyond expectations.
Stay Don’t Stray (Concealer Primer)
I read this and thought ‘why on earth do you need a concealer primer for, eyeshadows yeah, you don’t want them to crease or go flaky and patchy but concealer. What?’ but having tried it out this stuff makes any concealer a stay all day concealer, no matter what the weather or concealer brand, it also works amazingly with eyeshadows especially for those of us who suffer with oily lids. It contains Sodium Hyaluronate which is known to hydrate the skin and also Vitamin C&E which are both known to help fight signs of ageing, BONUS.

If you follow me on Instagram, @realist_review ,you would have already seen the results of these products but if you don’t come give me a follow and join the family! The photo below is of myself, using only the products from the kit above and the results are fantastic. I feel like they’ve given me a healthy radiant glow with hardly any make up and just made my skin look super healthy and airbrushed.


Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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