Rabens Saloner Numa Top

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Rabens Saloner Numa Top

Recently I've been trying to dress outside of my comfort zone, so adding more colour, experimenting with different cuts, adding more expensive detailed pieces and trying to find more fitted pieces. So when I drove up to Norfolk to see my family whilst they where on holiday we drove to Burnham Market, in Norfolk, to have a look around and that's when I found this beautiful piece. 

This is the Rabens Saloner Numa Top, available directly at Anna, this is the most unusual but most beautiful piece I think I've ever owned. It is on the expensive side at £169 but if you buy it through Anna, where I brought mine, it's currently on sale for £51 which is more reasonable and because it's on sale naturally you need to buy it before it sells out ... just saying if you needed a reason...
This top is a silk and cotton blend but feels like your wearing nothing, it's incredibly weightless and so beautifully well made that it feels like a second skin when worn. It isn't the most skin tight fitted top in the world but it does have two elastic ties either side of the inside of the top that you tie around your waist to your back, this then allows the boxy shape of the top to create a more unique design and draws attention to your cleavage area. 
The intricate green embroidery on the top is the main focal point of the whole piece, and does continue around the back of the top around the neck area. The actual print of the top is so extraordinarily different, the base of the top is a off cream/white and with the light/dark grey marbling it is like nothing I have seen before. 
I recently wore this top on a date night and you guys went crazy over on Instagram for it ( @realist_review ) I paired this top with skinny jeans from River Island, a black jacket also from River Island, some black suede heeled boots from Tesco and an oversized black clutch bag from Primark, for an evening look but if I was wearing this during the day then definitely neutral accessories all the way!

Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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