Looking After Your Skin in Your 20-Somethings’

Monday, 5 October 2015

Looking After Your Skin in Your 20-Somethings’

This isn’t a talked about enough subject for young adults, we’re just at the age where we’re starting to be aware of the suns damage and how important it is to look after our skin to ensure it’s at it’s absolute best in later life. There are so many products out there that are aimed at adults 30+ for skin tightening, wrinkle reducing, replumping etc but nothing aimed at young adults who are 20 something and want to start protecting and preparing their skin.

Don’t panic I’m not going to reel off a list as long as my arm of what you should or shouldn’t be using but simply show you the products I use and how they’ll benefit you and your skin too.

You spend a good amount of time applying your make up like you’re creating a piece of art, but did you know that if you don’t take it off before you go to bed you can really damage your skin? Well I suggest you start, tonight, all the oils your skin produces and dirt that you get bombarded with in everyday life going about town or walking the dog or even just nipping to the shops, are still clinging onto your face, which can cause premature lines, wrinkles and spots (sorry about the yucki details but it has to be said). I swear by Emma Hardie’s Moringa CleansingBalm it really purifies the skin with so much goodness and leaves it feeling clean, soft, supple and moisturised. It contains Vitamin E which will brighten dull complexions and also removes every single trace of make-up that you've had on.

I'm a real newbie to this whole Serum business, so through research I've found the Origins Original SkinRenewal Serum to be the best fit for 20-something skin. It contains some amazing stuff like willow herb which helps bring back vibrancy, Persian Silk Tree which helps skin bounce back, Chestnut Seed Extract which helps smooth rough patches, Algae which helps to shrink pores, the list of goodness is endless! I've found this stuff absolutely amazing so far, if you’re looking into taking care of your skin but don't think you quite need full blown anti-ageing lotions and potions, then this stuff if is the Serum for you. I'll be doing a full review in a few months when I've given this Serum a real using.

Toner is kinda a biggie, it shrinks pores, it regulates your skins pH balance, it adds a layer of protection, it refreshes and it can prevent ingrown hairs. If your super lazy, like me, you can get spray toners like the La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray and just give your skin a good spritz after you've cleansed your face. This one is particularly good as it helps to prevent spots invading your face, keeps your pores tight and really makes your skin feel refreshed, plus it’s hypoallergenic and is suitable for/aimed at acne prone skin.

Your foundation can also play a huge roll in caring for your skin; does yours have SPF in it? SPF, Sun Protection Factor, can be found in most foundations it basically will protect your skin from the suns UV radiation and prevent premature ageing and wrinkles/fine lines. I will always swear by Bare Minerals for my foundation and haven’t strayed from it since being introduced to it by my Mum when I was 13, I tend to use either the BM Original Powder Foundation SPF 15 or the BM SerumFoundation SPF 20, all of these have great SPF and coverage so you not compromising on coverage or protection.

Eye cream we all know about them but none of us really understand which one to buy, half the time we don’t know which one that’s going to give us the best results without making our skin lax in later life. So The Body Shop is my fail safe for anti-ageing products, there natural, not tested on animals and are always happy to help, this is how I discovered THE best eye cream for when you’re in your 20-Somthings’. This is the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream, it is cheap as chips and works amazingly well, it soothes and protects, hydrates, reduces puffiness and reduces the appearance of fine lines, plus it makes your under eye area so exceptionally smooth. I use mine every morning and evening, before I apply my makeup and after I cleansed my skin, it may take a while to see a difference but the difference is phenomenal my dark circles are reduced, there’s no puffiness and I barely have any lines around my eye area.  

I hope this little break down has helped you think about your skincare and taking care of your skin differently, if you have any questions, as always, feel free to drop me an email, leave a comment down below or ask me over on Twitter & Instagram ( @realist_review )

Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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