NARS Blush - Tribulation

Thursday, 1 October 2015

NARS Blush - Tribulation

After trying my first ever NARS product, the NARS Audacious Mascara, I was so excited to try more of the brand purely because of the unbelievable quality. So I went straight onto Space NK and discovered the NARS Blush in Tribulation, which looked like it could also pass as a highlighter, as I prefer to be completely unconventional.

Again I wasn't disappointed, the quality of this blush is incredible and the pigmentation is just phenomenal. It can be applied sheer at first but you can build up the intensity so quickly and smoothly, so if you want/prefer a more natural highlight some days but like to be able to build on it maybe later in the evening then this is for you. It gives the skin this striking healthy radiant glow without looking glittery and gives your skin incredible depth and dimension.

The application of this blush is like nothing else, the only thing I can think of comparing it too is The Balm Mary Loumanizer – and I don’t just compare things to that highlight willy nilly. It glides onto the skin and can be blended so easily with a brush or your fingers, plus it doesn’t just deposit one big chunk onto your skin for you to then blend it out. The blush is enriched with Vitamin E, which also helps to encourage and aid a healthy complexion, it’s multi tonal pigmentation means it would be perfect for every skin type/colour going.

It longevity is incredible, and like the Mary Loumanizer it lasts for me from 6:15am until 6:00pm, even after I’ve hit the gym after work. Unlike most it has a very rich golden colouring to it but it’s not a flat gold, it’s a very multi-dimensional subtle gold with flecks of different tones throughout. For what is a blush but can also be used as, and predominantly is for me, a highlighter this is definitely worth the money.
Emma x

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