Nike Womens Flex Trainers

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Nike Womens Flex Trainers

So I went to Resorts World in Birmingham and I went to the NIKE Factory Store...Well I probably shouldn't have but who can say no to amazing quality products at super low prices - well that's what I'm justifying it with anyway.

These are the Nike Womens' Flex Trainers, these trainers are specifically designed for training in the gym or outdoors, and are super comfy for cardio at the gym too. They offer medium support to your feet and have a solid sole to ensure stability. 

These are more flexible than the Nike Roshe Run trainers but do offer a more stable sole. These where meant to be full retail price but thanks to Resorts World Birmingham, Nike Factory Store I got these for a discounted rate, amazing! The shoe features a outer mesh lining around the sides of the shoe and toe area, this allows your foot to breath whilst training and helps to keep you cool. These shoes come with the grey laces as you can see below but also come with an alternative of the black laces. 

These shoes have amazing cushioning around the ankle area which, when your doing squats  to build the boot-ay you need all the support you can get. The actual depth of the fabric of the shoe is a medium build, it's not as thin as something like the flyknits but not as thick as something like an air max, but this does make them so much more desirable to me. There is cushioning in shoe on areas like the ball of your foot and the heel area, which for gym/training work is where you need it most, plus having a rubber finish at the front of the shoe ensures stability and helps to reduce wobbling when doing something like a plank or push up, way to go Nike. 

Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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